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Today’s episode starts with Partiosh saying pain killers are not available. He says to Paritosh and Nandini he will go and bring. Paritosh asks Nandini if she wants anything. Nandini says no. Samar gets angry and says why people don’t let others live in peace. Nandini says people like doing these thing. There, Rakhi says to Anpama she will not come but what about Kinjal. Paritosh come and Rakhi asks him to shift with Kinjal to their flat as post Anupama’s divorce there will be only negativity. She adds and says to Paritosh that in their honeymoon phase they are handling stress. Kinjal asks Rakhi not to interfere in her house matter. Rakhi says to Kinjal, she is not here to give lecture but came to take her signature on the investment papers which she is doing on her name. She asks Kinjal to sign the papers and send her back. Rakhi further think she has put oil in the lamp and it will burn. Anupama says to Partiosh and Kinjal that if they think they are having trouble at the house than they can shift to Rakhi’s flat. Leela says one by one all will leave the house. Partiosh tries to make Anupama understand that she has done wrong by sending divorce to Vanraj.

Shah’s argues with each other. Samar asks Paritosh why just for once he can’t support Anupama as in her life first time she has taken a stand for herself. Hasmuk support Anupama and Leela speaks against Anupama. Family argues with each other. Anupama yells and says maybe her decision is wrong for them but she is fine with her decision. She adds her decision may bring trouble in her life and she is ready for it. Anupama says she can’t break the family thus, none will go except her. She adds she would have left the house the day Vanraj throw her out from the house. Anupama decides to walk out from the house and apologize to Shah’s. Hasmuk support Anupama and asks her not to leave the house. Leela accuse Anupama for dividing the house into two. Hasmuk announce that Anupama will not go anywhere and whosoever is having problem with latter’s decision and walk out from the house. He asks Leela and Paritosh if they want to go. Leela and Partiosh stands speechless.

Hasmuk says if Anupama if go he too will walk out from the house. Samr, Kinjal and Nandini support Anupama. Leela says she too won’t let Anupama go. There, Vanraj feels the pain and asks Kavya for his medicine. Kavya says she forgot his medicine at his house. Vanraj says he will ask Samar to bring them. Here, Anupama thinks about her life. In the morning, Kavya learns maid will not come and painc. Pakhi says she has exams. Kavya says to Vanraj to take his breakfast. There, Pakhi call Samar and Anupama learn she didn’t had her breakfast yet. Kavya and Vanraj looks at each other hearing Pakhi. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vanraj lose her job. Anupama gets more dance offer.