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Today’s episode starts with dark room and Anupama enters the house. She switches ON the light. Shah’s enter the house one by one. Anupama stands teary recalling Rakhi’s harsh words. Dolly, Leela and Paritosh too recalls Rakhi’s accusations. Anupama thinks all might by hungry and decides to feed her children. She thinks to give medicine to Hasmrk and Leela later. Anupama asks Samar to distribute snacks to all. She goes to Hasmruk and asks him to take milk as he has to consume medicine. Anupama asks Hasmuk if he will not listen to her daughter. Hasmuk says he has always considered her as his daughter but she never considered him as her father. He says by hiding Vanraj’s truth she proved it.

Hasmuk asks Anupama if she thought they are Vanraj’s parents so they will take his side. Anupama says no but she was scared thus, she didn’t tell to him and Leela. She apologize to Leela and Hasmuk for upsetting them. Anupama urges Hasmuk to have medicine. Hasumk takes the medicine and asks Anupama to tell how and when it all starts. Anupama, Samar, Paritosh and Sanjay heads down. Hasmuk gets surprised knowing half-of the family knew the truth.

Anupama asks Hasmuk to move on from this. Leela gets angry and asks Anupama bot to give lecture and tell the truth. Leela and Hasmuk learned that Vanraj’s affair with Kavya is 8 years long. Anupama cries and leaves the place. Samar discloses whole truth to Hasmuk, Leela and others. Sweety cries. Leela waits for Vanraj.

Vanraj comes back home. Leela slaps Vanraj. Shah’s stands shocked. Vanraj address Leela ‘Ma’. Leela wars Vanraj and asks her not to call her Ma as, she is ashamed to be his mother. Nandini sees them from far and goes inside her house. Leela drags both Vanraj and Anupama. She asks Vanraj to see Anupama whom she underestimated since she entered the house as daughter-in law. She says she always accused Anupama for not being a perfect match for Vanraj.

Leela gives an earful to Vanraj. She cries and thinks why she didn’t turn Anupama’s mother. Leela says Rakhi insulted them in front of all but she they can’t do anything because she gave birth to son like Vanraj. Leela cries and apologizes to Anupama for her behaviour. Anupama asks Leela not to be sorry. There, Kavya wonders what might be happening at Shah house.

Leela asks Vanraj why he did all that. Vanraj says because of Anupama. Leela, Hasmuk and others stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Hasmukh’s health worsens.