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Today’s episode starts with Anupama. She tries to breathe but her health worsens. Anupama thinks about her moments with Vanraj. She recalls Vanraj’s betrayal too. She goes and lights lamp near God. Anupama than burn the fire and drops her magalsutra. Devika comes and supports Anupama. She asks her to breathe.

Here, Kavya thinks about Devika. She recalls Devika threatened her if anything happened to Anupama than she will send her and Vanraj behind the bars. Kavya about to enter Shah House but stops herself. Other side, Vanraj thinks before Anupama reveals his truth to anyone, he needs to do something.

Further, Devika takes Anupama with her to a place. She asks Anupama to pour her heart out as no one is here to judge her. Anupama recalls Vanraj’s betrayal and shouts loudly. She loses her mental balance and acts crazy. Devika slaps Anupama to bring her back into senses. She apologizes Anupama for slapping her.

Devika sits with Anupama. Anupama shares with Devika and says from past 25 years she was shielding her family but she was clueless that her house has been destroyed long back. She cries. She explains to Devika, before wedding she used to dream a lot. Post marriage her dreams shattered.

Anupama shares with Devika when a girl enters a house post marriage and kicks rice bowl, it is not a ritual. But a symbol that girl’s dream is crushed forever. She cries and tells to Devika that for Vanraj she has sometime fought with Lord Krishna too. But he betrayed her by giving her rights to Kavya. Anupama says she is getting angry on herself by blinding trusting Vanraj. She vents out her frustration in front of Devika. She folds hands in front of Devika for always supporting her. Anupama says to Devika; she and Anirudh always tried to alert her about Kavya and Vanraj but she ignored them. Anupama feels disgusted. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Anupama decides to start afresh!