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Today’s episode starts with Pakhi asking Samar to bring her school stuff as today is her exam. Anupama insists Samar to go to Pakhi. Samra asks if she wants breakfast too. Pakhi gets happy and asks him to bring for Vanraj too as he will have to eat cornflakes. Kavya gets annoyed and says to Vanraj when breakfast is coming than why she should do hardwork. Samar asks Anupama why he is sending him. Anupama asks Samar to go as he is elder brother. Kinjal says to Anupama he will pack tiffin for Pakhi and Vanraj. Meanwhile, Anupama packs Pakhi’s stuff. She gets teary seeing Pakhi’s school dress. Anupama see Vanraj’s medicine and prescription and asks Samar to give it to Vanraj. Samar says Vanraj’s girlfriend packed his stuff but forgot to pack his medicines. Leela speaks against Kavya. Hasmuk says to Samar once Leela starts speaking it continues for long. Ahead, Samar visit Kavya’s house. Pakhi gets happy seeing food. She asks Samar to wait for a while and drop her school. Samar stands outside. Vanraj asks Samar to come inside. He see wound on Samar’s face and asks about it. Samar tell to Vanraj he slipped from bike. Vanraj says he is lying as this wound is not by falling. He asks which whom he fight.

Samar tells to Vanraj about the fight. Vanraj asks he is doing fighting because of girlfriend. Samar says to Vanraj, yes because of his girlfriend. He tells boys out there was speaking ill about Anupama and he can’t bear it. Pakhi come and eat breakfast. She asks Vanraj to accompany too. Kavya think man’s life start with food and end with food only. Samar asks Pakhi to come with him. Vanraj asks Samar to keep his card. Samar refuses and Vanraj asks not to become stubborn like Anupama. Samar says he wishes to be like Anupama and leave the house. Later, Pakhi’s school friend taunts Pakhi over her Parents divorce. Anupama asks Pakhi why she didn’t replied back. Pakhi asks Anupama not to worry about her.

Afterwards, Kavya tell to Vanraj that company fired him because he didn’t complete his targets. There, Anupama gets more admission in her dance classes. Here, Vanraj decides to talk with his head for throwing him out. Kavya stops Vanraj from making a call. Vanraj says he has experience and will get job instantly. Anupama learns about Vanraj’s job. Leela and Hasmuk decides to ask money from Varnaj for some work. Anupama inform Shah’s about Vanraj losing his job. There, Vanraj applies for job. Kavya thinks Vanraj is not understating getting job is not easy in front of young talent. Later, Anupama asks her family not to talk with Vanraj about losing job until he himself tell them. Hasmuk asks than how she learned about Vanraj’s job. Anupama says by mistake he made a call to her. She decides to support Vanraj in his tough time. Rakhi comes from behind and Shah’s stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vanraj is thrown out from the house. Kinjal becomes Vanraj’s replacement.