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Today’s episode starts with Anupama pouring her heart to Devika. She says she has always lived for others but from now she will live for herself. Devika motivates Anupama. Anupama sees ‘I am Enough’ tattoo on Devika’s hand and decides to follow the same. Devika writes ‘I Am Enough’ on Anupama’s hand and asks her to always remember that.

Anupama screams her name and it echoes back. She says to Devika that night can be long but mornings do come. Devika says for her new journey Goddess Durga is supporting her too. She shows Goddess idol to Anupama. Anupama walked to the idol and prays to God. She says her upcoming life will be full of trouble and urges to God to give her strength.

Anupama decides to go back home to get her answers. She comes back home and sees the decoration. Anupama holds her mangalsutra and closes her eyes. Further, Hasmukh sees Anupama in the kitchen and bless her. He asks Anupama what has happened to her last night. Anupama avoids the talk. She asks Hasmukh to have his medicine. Hasmukh asks Anupama to take rest as he will cook for her today. He convinces Anupama to go out.

Later, Anupama thinks she can’t punish all her relation because of one relastionship thus; she is taking time to get her answer. Kavya sees Anupama and gets scared. Nandini taunts Kavya and says she and Vanraj is going to suffer a lot now. Afterwards, Hasmukh brings tea for Anupama and sings ‘ae dil laaye hai baha’ song for her. Leela, Samarth, Paritosh, Sweety and others hug Anupama and dance. Samarth gets teary and Anupama console him. Nandini sees them and gets happy. Kavya gets sad.

Further, Anupama decides to meet Vanraj. Samarth, Paritosh and Sweety say to her that they will drop her because she is unwell. Anupama allows them.

Precap: Anupama announces she will take her own decisions from now, Vanraj stands shocked.