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In today’s episode,  Anupam asks Anuj, Maya what she will not understand. Anuj, Maya recall their last night incident. Maya assures Anupama. Anupama asks Maya than why she mentioned she will not understand. Anuj interrupts and says to Anupama that he wanted to share, but Maya stopped him. He adds he wants to tell about picnic and says he can’t hide anything from her. Maya stands stunned.

Kavya informs Hasmuk and Leela that Vanraj was talking about her last night with Anupama. She says Anupama is good thus she reacted, but Vanraj talked bad about her. Kavya calls Vanraj selfish and says he now wants Anupama back in his life. She says Anupama was right Vanraj can’t stand with one. Kavya says since she is misfit for Shahs according to Vanraj than she will not try from now to be a part of the family. She decides to do whatever she wants.

Anuj diverts the talk. Maya is relaxed. Anupama asks Anuj to speak. Anuj says Anu consumed lots of chocolates and didn’t brushed, thus they were worrying she will not understand. Maya side Anuj. Anupama says it was a little thing. Anuj regret hiding truth from Anupama. They both hug each other. Maya gets jealous seeing Anupama, Anuj.

Kavya says to Vanraj that he already destroyed her to the extent. She asks Vanraj not to interfere in her life anymore as she is unstoppable this time. Kavya asks Hasmuk to give her blessing. She further decides to work with Anirudh.

Anupama decide to tell Anuj about Vanraj’s one sided feelings for her. Maya interrupts. She further gets upset seeing Anupama, Anuj together. Anu, Anupama, Anuj and Maya talk about picnic. Anupama sees Anuj’s wound and confront. Anuj lie to Anupama again. Anupama doubts on Anuj.

Anirudh asks Kavya why she called him at her house instead of café. He asks Kavya she used him to show Vanraj about their bond. Kavya says she just wanted to make Vanraj realize. She share with Anirudh that Vanraj is a changed person. Anirudh asks Kavya to get out from Vanraj’s life if she feels their marriage can’t work.

Anuj tells to Anupama that he misses her. Anupama, Anuj decide to share about Vanraj and Maya. Anirudh says to Kavya that they can start afresh. Anupama decide to aid Anuj’s wound. Kavya clears to Anirudh that she has a feelings for him. She decide to focus on her career. Anirudh asks Kavya to befriend Maya.

Elsewhere, Anupama tells to Anuj about Vanraj’s confession. Anuj sit mum. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Kavya tells to Anupama that Maya loves Anuj. Maya confesses her one-sided love for Anuj. Vanraj manipulates Anupama against Anuj.

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