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Today’s episode starts with Vanraj asking Kavya why she is calling him inspite he asked her not to. Kavya says to Vanraj that she was in stressed after what all happened. Vanraj says he is in stress too. Kavya says Anupama regain her consciousness is scaring her. She asks Vanraj to come and meet her. Vanraj refuses to meet Kavya and asks her to deal with her stress like the way he is doing. Vanraj gets upset with Kavya for revealing the truth to Devika. Kavya asks Vanraj if he is going to distance himself from her. Vanraj hangs up the call.

There, Anupama on video call talks with Devika. Devika asks if she confronted Vanraj. Anupama says no. Devika asks Anupama not to fall for Vanra’s lie. Sweety comes from behind, Devika hangs up the call. Further, Anupama asks Sweety if she can share room with her. Sweety allows her and asks Anupama why she is leaving Vanraj’s room. Anupama lie and says she wants a change.

Later, Hasmukh and Leela ask Vanraj if Anupama told him anything why collapsed. Sweety comes and asks Vanraj why Anupama decided to share a room with her. Vanraj lie to all that Anupama needs a change as per doctor thus she decided to shift with Sweety. Vanraj excuses himself. Leela thinks for a change people go to new place.

There, Nandini tricks and learn from Samarth that Anupama is fine. Nandini thinks why Anupama is hiding truth from all. Other side, Anupama goes to Paritosh. She confronts Paritosh and asks him why he didn’t tell about Kavya and Vanraj before. Pritosh tell to Anupama that he learned from Nandini and Sanjay about Kavya and Vanraj. He adds Vanraj told him everything is over between him and Kavya. Anupama gets shocked and tells to Paritosh that Vanraj lied to him. Paritosh asked Anupama to excuse Vanraj. Anupama says she will decide later.

Kinjal meets Anupama. Anupama asks her to meet Partiosh. Here, Leela sees Anupama’s neck is empty. She asks Vanraj to tie mangalsutra in Anupama’s neck. Vanraj smirk seeing Anupama’s helplessness. Anupama decides to tie her first mangalsutra. Vanraj taunts Anupama and laughs quoting ‘mera faisala’. Anupama gives a befitting reply to Vanraj and says it is her decision only, not to hurt other relations to punish one. Vanraj stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Samarth confronts Vanraj. He motivates Anupama to start a new life.