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Today’s episode starts with Anupama saying to Leela that if someone will ask her to give her life for her children than she will do it happily. She cries. Leela asks Anupama not to do drama and think what people will say if she will take Pakhi to psychiatrist. She asks what Pakhi will think. Anupama says to Leela she is not a bad mother but she will not think about society if Pakhi needs a psychiatrist to get well soon. Vanraj offer water to Anupama and asks her not to cry. Anupama holds the water and see Vanraj. Vanraj ask Leela to stop all these talk as Pakhi needs attention now. Anupama and Vanraj decide to talk with Pakhi. They go to Pakhi. Pakhi spend time with her uncle. Her uncle crack a joke and Pakhi enjoys. Anupama reveal to Pakhi that they are taking her to the doctor. Pakhi asks but she is well. Vanraj tell to Pakhi that they are taking her to the psychiatrist. Pakhi gets angry and says she is not crazy just did a mistake. Anupama make Pakhi understand why they are taking her to the psychiatrist. Pakhi gets ready and Vanraj hugs her.

Anupama and Vanraj takes Pakhi to the psychiatrist. Pakhi share a talk with psychiatrist. Doctor tell to Anupama and Vanraj to stay together and give Pakhi a time to accept the fact that they are getting divorced. She tell to Anupama , Pakhi is disappointed with her so much because latter never thought she will take such a drastic step. Anupama and Vanraj decides to stay together for Pakhi’s sake. Pakhi return home with Anupama and Vanraj. She asks where others are. Samar enters the house. Pakhi gets happy. Samar says to Pakhi that he learned what she did. He says she will be punished. Paritosh support Samar. Samar and Paritosh dance with Pakhi. Shah’s dance along with Pakhi. Anupama and Vanraj see the family and says they will make upto them. Both laugh. Nandini think Samar didn’t even smiled seeing her. Samar comes from behind and says to Nandini that he miss her too. Nandini blush away.

Later, Samar give his hard earned money to Anupama. Anupama gets happy. Anupama asks Samar to take blessing from Vanraj too. Vanraj recalls his word for Samar. He hugs Samar back. Ahead, Anupama and Vanraj reveal they are sending Pakhi on school trip. Paritosh says decision is not good as Pakhi is already going through much. Anupama and Vanraj says Pakhi needs a change. Both drop Pakhi. Vanraj decide to go back to Kavya. Leela oppose Vanraj’s decision. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kavya meet Anirudh. Anirudh ask Kavya about her plan.