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Today’s episode starts with Vanraj meeting Kavya. Kavya gets happy seeing him and hugs him. She asks Vanraj if everything is fine. Vanraj recalls about Anupama. He tells to Kavya that post gaining consciousness, Anupama is behaving odd. Vanraj feels he does not know this new Anupama.

There, Leela asks Anupama if she and Vanraj is playing some game as when she came, he left. Hasmukh says Vanraj might have gone to the office. Leela asks Anupama to serve food post Vanraj returns. Here, Kavya says to Vanraj that it is good if Anupama has moved on in her life. She dreams of getting married with Vanraj and says it will be easy for Anupama to give divorce to him if she has moved on. Vanraj stands stunned.

Later, Anupama learns from Nandini that Vanraj and Kavya was about to get married on the same day when her wedding was going to happen. Anupama steps back. Samar supports Anupama. Anupama recalls Vanraj’s word and walks on the road.

Other side, Nandini apologizes to Samar. Samar asks her not to. Nandini calls him kid. Samar says to Nandini that she is elder to him that doesn’t mean he is kid. Nandini than makes Samar understand that like he is hiding the truth from family to protect them similarly she has hidden the truth to protect Anupama. Further, Anupama reach Kavya’s place. Kavya suggest Vanraj to give divorce to Anupama soon. Vanraj says to Kavya it is not easy. Later, Vanraj sees Anupama at Kavya’s building and panics. He hides at Kavya’s house. Anupama asks Kavya to open the door.

Meanwhile, Sweety asks Paritosh to tell what happened between Vanraj and Anupama that Anupama shifted to her room. Paritosh refuses to disclose Vanraj’s truth to Sweety. Samar tries to tell but Paritosh interrupts him. Samra says to Sweety to take a stand of right once she will learn the truth. Sweety finds something fishy. Here, Kavya says to Anupama that Vanraj don’t love her. Episode ends with Anupama giving earful to Kavya.

Precap: Anupama tells to Vanraj she knows about his wedding with Kavya. She asks Anupama if she too had an exyra-marital affair with someone. Vanraj gets angry on Anupama.