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Today’s episode starts with Paritosh telling to Kinjal about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair. He says to Kinjal that Kavya is framing Vanraj. Kinjal says to Pritosh he is blindly supporting Vanraj and should see the reality. Samar over hears Paritosh and Kinjal’s talk and stands stunned. He runs away from there. Paritosh tells to Kinjal that Samar is very emotional and he won’t be able to handle such a big revelation. Kinjal asks Paitosh to go and handle Samar.

Here, Nandini asks Kavya where she is going. Kavya says she is going back to her home. Nandini asks Kavya if she fear facing Anupama. In the meantime, Vanraj asks Kavya she took right decision by leaving the place. He says once she will go back to her house than it will be easy for him to come and meet her. Kavya says to Vanraj she does not understand him.

Ahead, Paritosh look for Samar. Samar confronts Vanraj. He gives an earful to Vanraj and accuses him for ditching Anupama. He says for betraying Anupama he will punish her. Samar announces from now on he won’t address him as father and calls him Vanraj Shah. Vanraj stands shocked.

Later, Paritosh cries and thinks Anupama suffered a lot and now it’s a time to take a responsibility of a son. Other side, Leela sees Anupama and says something is fishy as she is quiet. Hasmuk says to Leela she is over thinking. Leela further asks about Kavya, Devika enters the house and says Vanraj might know about Kavya. Vanraj avoids the talk. Anuapam ignores Vanraj too. Furhter, Anupama goes to give burger to Samar. She doesn’t find him in the room and about to leave. Samar plays a song for Anupama. Song ‘Jeete Hai Chal’ plays in the background. Samar shows Anupama’s picture on projector and she gets teary. Samar consoles her. Towards the end of the episode, Vanraj recalls what all happened with him and scream. He decides to fix the things before it gets late.

Precap: Vanraj throws Anupama out from the house and asks him to go to Devika with a hidden motive.