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In today’s episode, Anuj learns that Spice and Chutney are going to shut down. Anuj remembers Anupama. Shruti says she is surprised too. Anuj learns Yashpal took the loan, and Yashdeep was clueless. Shruti worries if Anupama will have to go back. Anuj stands stunned.

Vanraj says he knew Anupama would put forth a condition. Paritosh says Anupama was right about Samar’s share. Vanraj says Samar’s share will be given to Ansh and not Dimple. He doubts that Dimple will marry Titu. Vanraj thinks about Ansh’s future. Hasmuk returns home injured. Vanraj learns goons hit Hasmuk.

Leela and Biji argue with each other. Yashdeep asks Leela and Biji to sit separately. Biji and Leela wait for Anupama. Anuj visits the restaurant. He demands that Yashdeep have a meeting with him. Yashdeep agrees.

Vanraj decides to make a police complaint against the goons. Paritosh gets scared. Vanraj gets angry at goons for attacking Hasmuk. Paritosh stops Vanraj from making a complaint. He tries to convince Vanraj not to make a complaint. Vanraj and Paritosh spot Pakhi with Aarush.

Vanraj threatens Aarush for touching Pakhi. Pakhi tries to stop Vanraj. Vanraj warns Pakhi and Aarush. Paritosh drags Pakhi home.

Yashdeep asks Anuj to speak. Anuj asks Yashdeep to sell his restaurant to him. Yashdeep asks Anuj why he is so interested in his restaurant. Anuj explains that because of Anupama, he wants to save the restaurant. Yashdeep decides to think about the deal. Anuj says Yashdeep can go to another investor too if he wants. Yashdeep asks for a time.

Anupama bumps into Anupama. He leaves the place. Leela says Anuj keeps visiting the restaurant. Yashdeep asks Anupama to go for an audition. Anupama appears for the audition. She gets scared. The judges ask Anupama to respond. Anupama apologizes to the judges. The judge asks Anupama if she understands English. Anupama says she understands simple English. The judge asks Anupama to present her dish. One of the judges speaks in Hindi. Anupama gets happy. She presents her dish to the judges. The judge asks Anupama to explain her dish. Anupama explains about Shahi Tukda.

The super-star chef judge asks Anupama to explain herself. Anupama explains that she is a housewife. She tells the judges that she is representing all the women out there. The judge says there is a language barrier. Anupama says taste matters more than language. The judge asks Anupama why she wants to take part in the competition. Anupama says to win.

Precap: Anupama gets injured. Aadya gets injured too. Anupama encourages herself to take part in a competition.

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