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The episode begins with Leela’s brother asks Samar to take Paritosh to his room. Paritosh murmurs no one listens him in his family. He tells Samar that no one loves him and cares about him not even his brother. He says he was favorite for Vanraj and did everything to become a ideal son when he asked Kinjal he become bad.

He asks why no one understands him that how much he loves Kinjal and he is nothing without her. Samar says everything will be alright. Paritosh says nothing will be alright and he lost it. Samar informs Kinjal that Paritosh reached home, and requests her to never leave his brother whatever may happen in future saying he never shows but he is very emotional person and already broken person now if she leaves him then he will be shattered.

Leela’s brother says it won’t be good if Vanraj saw a drunken Paritosh. Dolly says it was good that Vanraj was not there. Sanjay says they should not tell Vanraj about this matter now because they doesn’t know how he will react so it will be better if they explains him later.

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Leela opposes their decision and says Vanraj deserves to know about Paritosh’s mistake so they should not hide from him. She says only Vanraj can handle Paritosh now. Her brother requests her to not tell anything today.

Anupamaa regrets for hitting Paritosh. She thinks she should have consoled him instead of giving punishment because he was not in his sense and cries. Sanjay comes there and says she did nothing wrong, as a mother she did the right thing for Paritosh’s betterment. He asks her to handle herself because she has to handle everyone especially Vanraj. Anupamaa apologize to Paritosh for slapping him and cares his cheeks. She asks him to handle himself and trusts her. She says she just wants his happiness and she will handle everything for him.

Dolly gives Leela’s bp tablet to her and asks her to not tell anything to Vanraj seeing him there. Leela’s brother says Paritosh came late so they got worried that’s why Samar called now everything is fine. Vanraj says he is not a kid to believe his words and asks where is Paritosh.

Samar tells Anupamaa that first time Paritosh asked something is not he deserves to get that.He says he is not blaming her but Vanraj is not even trying and says if not solution they should give clarification to him. Anupamaa says he is right, she will talk to Vanraj and will make him understand because now it’s not just about Paritosh’s happiness it’s about his life.

Leela tells everything to Vanraj. Furious Vanraj goes towards Paritosh’s room. Anupamaa and Samar shocks seeing sleeping pills in Paritosh’s pocket.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anupamaa shows the pills to Vanraj. He says she is responsible for whatever happening now and gives last chance to make everything right.