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Today’s episode starts with Vanraj stopping the car. Leela and Hasmuk ask Vanraj if car is damaged. Vanraj tell tyre is punctured. Anupama see the hotel nearby and says Leela, Hasmuk and Uncle can have food. She says to Vanraj it is time for his tea too. Vanraj gets mesmerized seeing Anupama. There, Samar decides to do cook for Nandini and make her feel special. Here, Leela, Vanraj, Anupama, Hasmuk and Uncle sit to have food. Vanraj recall his past. He recall once Anupama asked him to have a tea break but Vanraj refused. Back to reality; Vanraj offered tea to Anupama. Anupama smile. Other side, Samar cook for Nandini. He call Kinjal. Kinjal decode about Samar’s date plan for Nandini. Samar ask Kinjal to go on a date with Paritosh too. Kinjal tell to Samar that he should not worry as they will not come home early to disturb him. Samar thanks Kinjal. Kavya overhear Kinjal’s talk and ask her to go on a date with Paritosh and one day she will manage the work. Ahead, Vanraj change the tyre. Anupama stands beside Vanraj. Vanraj asks Anupama to go and sit with Leela and Hasmuk as he will change tyre soon.

Anupama disclose to Vanraj that, Kinjal told her once along with driving she should also learn changing tyre and checking fuel. She says she just wanted to learn how to change tyre. Anupama adds if he don’t like her presence than she will leave. Vanraj stop Anupama and praise her driving skill. Anupama recall how Vanraj criticized her for learning driving. Back to reality; Vanraj tell to Anupama by practicing she can learn changing tyre. He asks Anupama to learn along with her how to change tyre. There, Samar wait for Nandini. Nandini come and get irked with Samar as he praise Pooja. She angrily feed cake to Samar. Nandini dance on ‘taal’ song. She falls in Samar’s arm while dancing.

Otherside, Vanraj teach Anupama how to change tyre. Moh Moh ke dhaage song play in the back and Anupama Vanraj laugh together. Leela gets happy seeing Vanraj and Anupama together. Here, Kavya come back home. Stalker follows Kavya. He knock at Kavya’s door and ask for water. Kavya gives him water and feel uneasy. Further, Nandini confesses her love for Samar. Samar and Nandini tightly hug each other. There, Anupama enjoy sitting under the tree. Vanraj get smitten seeing Anupama. Both share a talk. Kavya spots stalker at her doorstep (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vanraj asks Samar to break his relationship with Nandini.