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Today’s episode starts with Pakhi seeing the family picture and recalling her moment with Anupama and Vanraj. Kinjal comes with the milk. She asks Pakhi is she is sleepless because Anupama is not around? Pakhi says she is sleepless because Anupama will not be around her some days later. She shares her pain of ignoring Anupama and behaving rudely with her always. Pakhi gets teary while talking about Anupama with Kinjal.

Here, Anirudh asks Kavya if she is ready for marriage with Vanraj? Kavya says yes as both loves each other. She says she is not even forcing Vanraj for the wedding. Anirudh then asks Kavya than why she is so insecure if Vanraj is with Anupama. He asks Kavya if she loves Vanraj than she should start trusting him too. Kavya says she is jealous because Vanraj is with the woman with whom he had spent half of his life. Anirudh tries to makes Kavya understand if she wants a good relationship with Vanraj than along with him she has to accept his family and children too. He adds if she will not accept them then her this relationship will fail too. Kavya looks at Anirudh.

There, Pakhi says to Kinjal that she always took Anupama and her efforts for granted. Kinjal talks with Pakhi and asks her not to think about herself and support Anupama in her decision. She asks Pakhi to let Anupama do whatever she wants. Pakhi understands Kinjal’s word.

Other side, Anirudh says to Kavya that even after her wedding, he will be his good friend. Kavya thanks Anirudh for always being there with her. She praise Anirudh’s goodness.

At Shah House; Rakhi stays back because of curfew. Rakhi decides to sleep in her car when light goes-off. She quotes she can’t sleep without AC. Kinjal and Leela convince Rakhi to sleep in the room. Rakhi gets agree to sleep with Leela. Vanraj’s uncle gets happy thinking Rakhi will stay back at the house. Later, a veil woman enters Shah’s House.

Late at night, Rakhi gets restless. Leela snores and Rakhi finds it difficult to sleep. Rakhi gets furious thinking why she came to Shah house during curfew. Afterwards, Vanraj’s uncle bump with the veil woman and confuse her with Rakhi. He asks woman to go inside the room. Woman hides seeing Rakhi. Meanwhile, Pakhi struggle to sleep. Kinjal says to Pakhi she is not a good singer like Anupama but can try to sing lullaby. Pakhi recalls her moment with Anupama (lori lori) song plays in the background. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kavya reveals to Shah’s that Vanraj and Anupama is going to get divorced within three days. Leela, Vanraj, Anupama and others stands shocked.