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Episode begins with Anupamaa tells Rakhi that Gujarati food also available in that restaurant when Rakhi asked her what to order. Leela’s brother forgets why he was worried. Samar tells him that Anupamaa went to meet Rakhi and he knows Rakhi is problematic person so hopes she won’t trouble his mother. Nandini comes there and says she was searching electrician to repair her fuse.

Samar makes fun of her saying he already knows that her fuse is weak and asks did she want his help to fix the fuse. She says she doesn’t need his help instead she just want the tools. She leaves from there after taking the tools.

Leela’s brother says he won’t forget them and teases him. Rakhi talks so high of her family and her status and belittle Anupamaa’s financial status. She tells how much Kinjal spends for a month and says Anupamaa’s family can’t afford that.

She asks Anupamaa understood her standard or she should explain more. Anupamaa says money becoming Rakhi’s weakness. Rakhi says when one doesn’t have money they talks like her only. Anupamaa says money can do many things but it’s not everything.

Anupamaa says Kinjal may spend lot of money for her birthday parties but her happiness is Paritosh. She says Rakhi may buy luxury house for her daughter but Kinjal dreams to live in Paritosh’s house only. She says she and Rakhi is same kind of person.

Rakhi gets offended hearing her and asks in which angle they looks similar when they are so much different from each other. Anupamaa says her son is hurt and crying and Rakhi’s daughter is hurt and crying. She says Kinjal and Paritosh doesn’t care about each other’s family status. Rakhi says they can’t be same whatever Anupamaa may say.

Anupamaa says their pain will be same when their children will leave the house to marry in the court. She says they faced the same pain during the delivery even though their hospitals standard was different. She says mother’s pain never differs from each other. Rakhi gets stunned hearing her.

Anupamaa says there is just one difference between them that is she wants Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage to happen and Rakhi wants to stop that marriage but the marriage will happen for sure. She says she promised her son and she will keep her promise no matter what. Paritosh and Kinjal gets worried thinking about their mother’s meeting.

Anupamaa says today Kinjal and Paritosh wants to marry with both families permission but in future they may go against their own family to marry each other so it would be better if they fulfills their childrens wish. She asks is Rakhi ready for the marriage.

Leela underestimates Anupamaa. Her brother asks her talk about good things even though it’s difficult for her. Kinjal comes there to meet Paritosh but Leela scolds her saying now her mother will come to create drama like last time she did. Kinjal pleads her to let her meet Paritosh once.

Leela asks her to come with Rakhi’s permission then only she can enter the house. Leela’s brother calls Paritosh. Paritosh shocks seeing Kinjal there. Kinjal goes towards him ignoring Leela.

Paritosh was about to hug Kinjal but Leela stops him. Kinjal says she was so worried about him and asks him to promise her that he won’t go again like this. He promises her. Rakhi agrees for Kinjal and Paritosh’s marriage. Anupamaa gets happy hearing her and takes the sweet from her bag and gives it to Rakhi.

Rakhi gets surprised seeing that and asks how she knows she will say yes and brought sweet with her. Anupamaa says she always leaves her house with hope. She thanks God. Rakhi thinks engagement will happen but she won’t let the marriage happen.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anupamaa tells Vanraj that Rakhi gave her nod to marriage. Vanraj praises her in happiness. Kavya shocks seeing them and thinks till now she felt bad for Anupamaa but now she feels bad for herself and she can’t share Vanraj with her and only she should stay with him not Anupamaa.