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Today’s episode starts with Rakhi taking out water from refrigerator. She gets scared seeing Vanraj’s uncle. Rakhi asks Uncle what is his problem. Uncle says he has problem with her because he wants to learn why she step inside the house through window? Rakhi says to Uncle; she doesn’t enter the house through a window and he must have forgotten. Uncle says to Rakhi may be. Rakhi see window open and thinks if some thief entered the house?

There, veiled woman enters Leela’s house. Leela decodes the veiled woman is a thief and calls out for Shah’s to help her. Shah’s catch Rakhi thinking she is a thief. Rakhi asks Shah’s to leave her. Kinjal catch veil woman. Woman says her children were hungry thus, she is here to fetch some food. Rakhi asks Leela to give woman to the thief and not to fall in her trap. Leela feels the pain of the woman and keeps her for work. She also give money to her. Woman blesses Leela. Rakhi asks Leela why she didn’t send Woman to the jail as she enter the house with wrong intention. Leela makes Rakhi understand that woman was helpless for her children thus, was stealing food.

Rakhi praise Leela. She prays to God for Anupama and says she wishes latter stays back at the house. Leela asks God to hear Rakhi’s wish. In the morning, Leela prays to God on Anupama’s behalf. Anupama makes a video call to Leela. Leela gets happy seeing Anupama. Anupama tells to Leela that she misses Shah’s a lot. She adds she is calling from someone else mobile. Leela asks Anupama to enjoy the moment. She gets upset learning Anupama and Vanraj is staying separately at the hotel. Leela asks Anupama to try saving her relationship. Vanraj calls Anupama. Anupama says to Leela she need to leave.

There, Kinjal wakes and faints. She thinks what is happening to her. Kinjal goes to check Leela. Kavya see Leela. Leela says it is a bad day. Kavya asks Leela if Vanraj returns. Leela says Vanraj and Anupama is happy with each other. Kavya says to Leela she know it was Pakhi’s plan to send Vanraj on vacation. Kinjal come and faints. Leela and Rakhi worries for Kinjal.

Other side, Vanraj calls Kavya. Kavya argues with Vanraj for not calling her. She further decides to visit Vanraj at the resort amid the curfew. Meanwhile, Rakhi and Leela decodes Kinjal is pregnant. Both smile seeing each other. Pakhi take care of Kinjal.

Here, Samar dance and recalls his moments with Anupama and Vanraj. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kavya reveals to Shah’s that Vanraj and Anupama’s divorce is going to happen within three days.