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In today’s episode, Anupama remembers Anu and Pakhi’s behavior with her. Romil knocks to meet Anupama. He asks Anupama why she is taking a stress. Anupama tries to lie. Romil says sooner or later, kids realize the mistake. He asks Anupama to smile. Anupama remembers Samar seeing Romil. Romil says she can talk with him if she wants. Anupama encourages herself. 

Dimple gets adamant about going to the event. She decided to talk with Vanraj. Dimple asks Vanraj if he can go out. Vanraj says Dimple can go wherever she wants, but he will only drop. Titu arranges the tickets for the dancing group. He gets excited to tell Dimple. Dimple tells Titu that Vanraj will not let her go alone. Titu asks Dimple what they will do next. Dimple says she will choose happiness. She thinks the dancing group is Samar’s favorite; thus, she will definitely go to the event. Pakhi returns to the Shah’s house. She asks Dimple if she is surprised. Pakhi taunts Dimple.

Leela tells Anupama that Pakhi is back. Anupama asks Leela to calmly handle Pakhi. Leela asks Anupama to come to the house. Anupama remembers Vanraj asking to stay away from Leela and Hasmuk. She refuses to go to the Shah house and asks Leela to handle the matter on her own.

Anuj asks Anupama what Leela was saying. Anupama informs Anuj. She further asks Anuj to talk with Malti and Barkha, as they are putting oil in the fire. Anuj decided to talk with Malti and Barkha.

Malti and Barkha discuss Pakhi. Barkha says Pakhi is insolent. She tells Malti that Pakhi is trapping Adhik too. Barkha asks Adhik where he is going. She tries to instigate Adhik. Barkha says Anupama only wants to rule Anuj’s empire. She says Anupama is illiterate, but she has a business because of Anuj. Adhik takes Anupama’s side. He says Anupama has commendable business skills. Adhik shocks Anupama.

Dimple asks Vanraj if she can go to see her friend. Pakhi says Dimple is going to see Titu. Dimple argues with Pakhi. She manages to convince Vanraj to let her go to her friend’s house. Vanraj asks Dimple to keep calling him from his friends’ house.

Anupama confronts Barkha and Malti Devi. She asks Malti and Barkha to behave and stop instigating Anu, Adhik, or others. Anupama alerts Barkha and Malti and says she can throw them out without keeping the relationship respectful. -Episode Ends

Precap: Pakhi spots Titu and Dimple. Vanraj slaps Titu. Anupama takes Dimple’s side.

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