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Today’s episode starts with Vanraj entering his room. He think he should inform Kavya he returned. Vanraj think he will tell Kavya later as she might have slept. He think he won’t complicate Nandini and Kavya’s matter anymore. Elsewhere, Kavya screams for help. Stalker attack on Kavya. In the morning, Vanraj think to call Kavya. Anupama bring tea for him. Vanraj dial Kavya’s number and someone inform him about Kavya. Vanraj rush to meet Kavya. Anupama runs behind Vanraj to see Kavya. Partiosh and Samar ask Anupama what happened to Kavya. Anupama says she is clueless. She accompany Vanraj to Kavya’s house. Vanraj and Anupama stands shocked seeing messed house. Anupama enters and find Kavya wounded. She cover up Kavya. Anupama asks Kavya what happened. Kavya don’t speak. She asks Vanraj to ask Kavya as she might hear him. Vanraj ask Kavya what happened. Kavya sit numb. Other side; Partiosh, Kavya and Samar worries for Kavya. Partiosh and Samar call Vanraj and Anupama. Both Vanraj and Anupama’s mobile is left at home. Partiosh accidentally read Kavya’s message on Vanraj’s mobile and tell to Kinjal and Samar that kavya might have got molested. Hasmuk, Leela and Vanraj’s uncle stand shocked overhearing Paritosh’s talk.

There, Vanraj asks Kavya what happened. Kavya cries and hug Vanraj. She reveals to Anupama and Kavya how stalker was chasing her and attacked her. Kavya tell to Vanraj, stalker quoted for her that she is single that means she is available for everyone. Kavya cries and says she fight back with stalker. Anupama console Kavya and ask her for other’s mindset she is not responsible. Vanraj gets smitten with Anupama. At Shah house; Samar decide to inform Nandini. Partiosh stop him. Kinjal too ask Samar not to tell Nandini about the same. Anupama and Vanraj bring Kavya home. Leela stop Kavya. She ask Anupama to take Kavya to guest room and call doctor.

Anupama and Vanraj console Kavya. Anupama asks Kavya not to worry as she is safe at their house. Afterwards, Kavya breaks down and inform Vanraj that she don’t have house to stay and she has given Anirudh his flat back. She cries. Here, Partiosh get offended when Samar and Kinjal discuss whether to bring Nandini home for Kavya or not. Kinjal ask Samar to wait for a while. Anupama thank God for safeguarding Kavya. Later, Vanraj asks Kavya why she didn’t informed him about giving back Anirudh his flat. Kavya cries and tell to Vanraj he was busy with his family. She urge Vanraj to marry her or allow her to stay back at his house. Vanraj hug Kavya. Leela worry for Kavya’s presence at the house and recall the past. She think if Kavya is doing drama. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Anupama allow Kavya to stay at her house.