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Show Anupama is all set for Dimple and Titu’s wedding. Shruti will add spice to Dimple’s wedding. 

In the current episode, Adhik decides to take Ishani with him. Pakhi asks Adhik if he has gone crazy. Adhik says Ishani is not safe with Pakhi. He accuses Pakhi of Ishani’s condition. Adhik threatens to take Ishani after Dimple and Titu’s wedding. Vanraj says Adhik can’t take Ishani. Adhik challenges Vanraj.
Anupama tries to make Adhik understand. Adhik refuses to listen to Anupama. Pakhi accuses Anupama of telling Adhik and Ishani’s truth. Anupama tries to explain to Pakhi. Pakhi refuses to believe Anupama. She expresses hatred for Anupama. Adhik berates Pakhi. He tells Pakhi that he learned about Ishani from his doctor friend. Paritosh and Adhik fight with each other.

Later, Pakhi asks Vanraj to file a case against Adhik. Vanraj accuses Pakhi of calling trouble. Pakhi accuses Hasmuk. Vanraj takes a stand for Hasmuk. Anupama thanks Vanraj. Vanraj gets emotional. Mahi consoles Vanraj.

In the upcoming episode, Anuj will decide to give a second chance to his relationship with Anupama. Anupama will decide to distance herself. Adya will call Shruti to India. Shruti will be shocked to see Anuj and Anupama enjoying themselves together. Will Shruti announce her wedding with Anuj? How wil Anuj react on seeing Shruti? To learn more keep visiting this space.