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Shruti is planning to make Anupama see her wedding with Anuj so that she can move on. Anupama will backfire on Shruti’s plan. Find out more below. 

In today’s episode, Yashdeep informs Anupama about the shruti. Shruti thinks she wants Anupama to see her wedding functions so that she can move on from Anuj.

Yashdeep decides to go to Anuj’s place alone. He further asks Anupama how she will manage so many things. Anuj learns that Shruti hired spice and chutney for the catering. He gets restless. Anupama asks Yashdeep to always be with her. Yashdeep assures Anupama.

Dimple regrets her move against Titu. She looks for Titu. Titu assures Dimple that he will not go back with her and Ansh. Both hug each other. Shruti asks Aadya what is bothering her. Aadya questions Shruti for giving catering to Spice and Chutney. Shruti explains that until Anupama sees Anuj getting married to her, she will not move on. She adds that it is important for Anupama to see them as a family. Aadya shares that she is scared about their family. Shruti asks Aadya to prepare for the wedding.

Elsewhere, Dimple asks Vanraj to let her marry Titu, or she will take legal action against him. 

In the upcoming episode, Dimple will plan her wedding with Titu. Shruti will be excited about her pre-wedding. Anupama will add a twist to Anuj and Shruti’s wedding. Will Anupama and Anuj be able to reunite? Time will only tell.

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