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Star Plus’show Anupamaa currently is showing how Anupama along with Kinjal, Pari and Choti Anu got stuck in an accident. However Anupama manages to save them all. What will happen next?

In the previous episode, while returning home in car, Pari started crying so Anupama took Pari infront seat in her lap. Choti feels insecure and starts trying to come infront too. Kinjal loses her balance while driving and meets a severe accident. Kinjal falls unconscious and Anupama finds the car hanging near cliff.

Anuj reaches Shah house and Vanraj puts blame on Anupama for taking them. Anuj says Vanraj that picnic was planned by Kinjal and not Anupama and even she was aware about Kinjal coming there without informing Shahs.

Anupama manages to open the car door and tried to make Kinjal come out safely. She tells Choti Anu to give her Pari. Anupama comes out with Pari and gives her to Kinjal. She breaks the glass of window and manages to bring Choti out too.

In the upcoming episode, Vanraj will blame Anupama for the accident that happened. Toshu will also say why she took them inspite of Vanraj asking her not to meet them. Even Leela will blame Anupama.

Anuj will be listening to all accusations on her. Vanraj will say that from now on Anupama should not give her feet not only in Shah house but their whole locality. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.