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Anupama will participate in Superstar Chef. Hasmuk will become Anupama’s backbone. Will Anupama be able to win the competition? Find out below.

In today’s episode, Vanraj questions Anupama about supporting Titu against him. He says he will decide on Dimple’s life. Anupama says Dimple will take her life’s decision. She explains the reason for meeting Titu. Anupama calls her mother. Vanraj says that since Anupama is not a good mother, her kids hate her. Hasmuk asks Vanraj to stop accusing Anupama. Anupama says she has a befitting reply, but she wants peace. Vanraj says when Anupama was missing, they were at peace. He asks Anupama to hide again. Hasmuk scolds Vanraj. Leela takes Vanraj’s side.

Hasmuk takes Anupama’s side. He blames Shahs for Anupama’s condition. Hasmuk counts on Anupama’s goodness. He adds that Paritosh was wrong, and Anupama did right by sending Paritosh to jail. Hasmuk says Leela and Vanraj’s overly possessiveness for Paritosh ruined his life. He says Vanraj and Leela are ruining Ansh now. Hasmuk decides to bless Dimple and Titu in the future.

In the upcoming episode, Hasmuk will encourage Anupama to save Spice and Chutney. Anupama will participate in a cooking competition. Elsewhere, Shruti will force Anupama to plan Anuj’s wedding. Will Anupama agree to be involved in Anuj’s wedding? Time will only tell.

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