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High-voltage drama in the Anupama show. Yashdeep and Biji will apologize to Anupama. Anupama will expose Rahul and Gulati. Read the full story below:

In the recent episode, Rahul confesses putting cockroaches in Anupama’s dish. Rahul threatens Gulati. Paritosh overhears Gulati and Rahul’s conversation. Rahul asks Paritosh to save him. Paritosh beats Rahul. Gulati asks Paritosh to settle with him; otherwise, it will not be good for him. He offers a job and a good salary to Paritosh in order to keep his secret. Anupama beats Gulati. She confronts Gulati for ruining her life.

Gulati pushes Anupama away. Anuj decides to send Gulati to jail. Gulati says that without any proof, no one can send him to jail. He asks Anuj and Aunpama not to fight with him, or else they will regret it. Gulati asks Rahul not to go against him. He further asks Paritosh to think about his offer. Anupama decides to send Gulati to jail. Gulati asks Anupama to keep dreaming. Anuj decides to ruin Gulati. 

In the upcoming episode, Biji and Yashdeep will attend Dimple’s wedding. Yashdeep will apologize to Anupama for misbehaving with her. Anupama will forgive Yashdeep. There, Anuj talks to Shruti. Shruti gets restless learning that Anuj wants to meet Smith. What Shruti is hiding? Will Anuj forgive Shruti if she has tried to hurt Anupama? Well, time will only tell.

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