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The episode begins with Anupamaa prays for her children’s happiness. She says she is ready to get hurt but can’t see them in tears. Paritosh tries to get Vanraj’s forgiveness but he leaves from there saying he is getting late for office. Anupamaa encourages Paritosh. In a restaurant, Kavya gets happy seeing Vanraj’s smile.

Vanraj apologize to her his behavior saying he was angry on Paritosh. Kavya says that’s fine he is back now that’s what matters. Vanraj says he thought he lost his son but Anupamaa bring him back. He says his anger would have spoiled everything but Anupamaa saved his family. He apologize to her seeing her reaction. She says she gets jealous of Anupamaa whenever he talks like this. He says Anupamaa lives in his home but Kavya lives in his heart. And they confesses their love for each other. They shocks seeing Sanjay there. Before Sanjay tells them anything his client comes there.

Vanraj tells Kavya that Anupamaa is like a sister to Sanjay and he knows him well , he won’t do anything which may hurt Anupamaa so he won’t tell anything to her. Kavya asks what if he tells her everything. Vanraj says he will handle it because Anupamaa trust him so much she won’t believe Sanjay. Sanjay tells Vanraj that he came for meeting didn’t thought he will meet him like this and leaves from there.

Leela tells her brother that after marriage Anupamaa and Kinjal together can plot against her. He asks her to become mother. She says daughter in law can never become daughter same way mother in law can never become mother. Sanjay recalls Vanraj’s confession and calls Anupamaa. Vanraj calls Sanjay and gets busy tone. He then calls Anupamaa and gets busy tone and wonders Sanjay talking with Anupamaa or what.

Anupamaa tells Sanjay that he need not to worry about Meenu saying she finished her homework already and playing with Leela. Leela says Sanjay called Anupamaa not her saying he too doesn’t respects her. Anupamaa asks why he called her. He struggles to say anything and tells her something.

Samar meets Nandini and says Patel uncle asked that why she didn’t shifted yet. Nandini says Patel uncle asked or he is asking. She teasingly asks did he missed her. He says it’s so fun to miss her so asks her to not come to spoil his fun. She says then she will come soon. Sanjay thinks he failed as a brother, he doesn’t know he did right or wrong but whatever he did was just for Anupamaa.

Anupamaa tells Vanraj that Sanjay asked her to participate in some food festival. Sanjay thinks what’s the use of telling the truth which can break the house and also she trusts Vanraj so much that she will break down if he reveals the truth. Vanraj thinks he knows Sanjay won’t tell anything to Anupamaa. Sanjay thinks he stayed quiet for Anupamaa’s happiness and decides to talk to Vanraj.

Leela and her brother sees Pakhi with her friend Bobby. Leela mocks him and his dressing. Bobby runs from there. Pakhi and Leela argues with each other and complaints about each other to Anupamaa. Pakhi says Leela should have known how to talk with her friends. Anupamaa scolds Pakhi for talking with Leela like this and asks her to apologize to her.

Pakhi apologize to Leela and says whatever she did was wrong and leaves from there. Leela taunts Anupamaa and tells everything to Vanraj. Vanraj calls Pakhi and asks what’s happening in school. Pakhi thinks Anupamaa told Vanraj about cigarette matter.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sanjay confronts Vanraj.