From doing puja to giving everyone their morning tea/coffee, setting up the table, packing everyone’s lunch, making prasad, all this, and much more, Anupamaa has been following the same routine for the past 25 years. It’s exhausting, but the love she has for her family keeps her going. The very talented Rupali Ganguly gives life to Anupamaa on-screen in Rajan Shahi’s ambitious project of the same name.

 The show features a sly mother-in-law, an affectionate father-in-law, an ignorant husband, a teenage daughter, and two sons, who are opposite to each other. And Anupamaa is the bond that holds all of them together. However, she is neither appreciated nor acknowledged for her efforts. Her only support within the family is her son Samar and her father-in-law. Her mother-in-law hates her because she says Anupamaa is not of her choice. She is ignored by her husband, who has an extramarital affair with his colleague, while her daughter Pakhi and other son Paritosh feels that she doesn’t understand them, whereas it’s quite the opposite.

 In the very first episode, while she helps her husband in his work out, he (Sudhanshu Pandey) tells her that she is 42, but looks 50. That did hurt her tons, but she quickly got herself busy with the household chores. That’s Anupamaa for you. She has so much love for her family, that she doesn’t even let her feelings overshadow it. Even when she is asked to leave the house, or everyone forgets her birthday, she doesn’t stress about it too much and moves on.

Rupali’s portrayal of Anupamaa deserves applause. The various emotions that she depicts on-screen with such ease shows what a fabulous actress she is. Even Sudhanshu Pandey, who essays the role of Anupamaa’s husband, Vanraj, has given a fantastic performance. He plays the stern and stubborn husband whose weakness is his colleague Kavya, played by Madalsa Sharma.

 Madalsa’s character adds spice to the story. She is young, smart, and Vanraj is in love of what she is. We will get to see more of her as the story progresses, but so far her character seems to be stuck in the dilemma of loving Vanraj, but not being able to give a name to their relationship.

 Paras Kalnawat plays Samar, a sweetheart who stands by his mother at all times and keeps saying “Anupamaa, I hate tears”. Aashish Mehrotra essays Paritosh, a studious young lad, and Muskan Bamne plays Pakhi, the teenage daughter, who is unable to understand her mother’s struggles and challenges.  

 The USP of the show is Anupamaa’s undying and unaltered love for her family, and that is backed by some soul-stirring moments, mind-blowing dialogues, and excellent performance by the cast. What’s more? Rajan Shahi has included some wonderful dance performances too, be it Anupamaa’s classical dance on “Laut Ke Aaye” or Samar’s hip-hop on “Matargashti”, and they are included so beautifully in the storyline that it doesn’t feel out of the blue.

 “Anupamaa” is a heart-warming family drama that makes you realise the importance of the Anupamaa at your home. Produced under Shahi’s banner Director’s Kut Productions, the show airs on Star Plus from Monday to Saturday at 10 p.m.