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Star Plus most popular hit show Anupama never failed to engage audience with its gripping storyline. Earlier it’s seen that Anupama and Vanraj decides to stay together until Pakhi starts accepting their divorce. Now it will be seen that Vanraj catches Samar and Nandini in a compromising position.

In the previous episodes it’s seen that Vanraj and Anupama convince Baa and Pakhi to visit psychiatrist. Pakhi shares her worries with Doctor. Doctor advises Vanraj and Anupama to stay together and give some time for Pakhi to accept the divorce. Soon Samar returns home and everyone in the family spends quality time with Pakhi in order to lift her mood. Later, Vanraj decides to go back to Kavya but Baa opposes it. On the other hand, Kavya plans something with Anirudh to retain Vanraj.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Vanraj informs Kavya about visiting his grandmother’s place with Anupama and elders. Kavya agrees grudging and decides to first end things with Anirudh to move forward. A boy stalks Kavya. Samar makes Nandini jealous. Anupama and Vanraj decides to ride the car taking shifts as Vanraj is not completely cured yet. Baa asks them to drive the family together too making them uncomfortable. Later Samar proposes Nandini and they get romantic. Vanraj and Anupama catches them in compromising position and gets furious.

Will Vanraj accept Samar’s love for Nandini? Will Anupama stand by Samar?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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