Rajan Shahi’s much-awaited family drama “Anupamaa” went on-air on July 13. The USP of the show is the emotions conveyed through the title role Anupamaa which is played by Rupali Ganguly.
The focus of the show is Anupamaa’s unconditional love for her family. She has chosen to give up so many things just so she can take care of her family. However, that does not neglect the respect she has for herself. In today’s episode we will see a new side of Anupamaa.
Kavya offers Anupamaa a slice of cake and apologizes for this party not being for her birthday. Anupamaa refuses to eat the cake and says, “How can a cake for your promotion be my birthday cake?”.
She does this even though she knows Vanraj will get angry. 
This is the first time we see Anupamaa standing up for herself which makes this a turning point for the show. This also builds up Anupamaa’s character as a loving person who also has a lot of self respect.  Will Vanraj finally realise Anupamaa’s worth in his life?