Anushka Merchande shares her experience shooting her new show with Sayali Salunke and Abhisehk Nigam. Full interview below. 

1. You look lovely in the new show. How do you feel?

It’s a great feeling to be playing the lead in the show Pukaar, where the storyline is amazing, my role is very different, and I’m sure as much as I’m enjoying and loving my character, the audiences are going to feel the same!

It’s always a big challenge to try something new, but I consider myself lucky to have been allowed this experience.

  1. The show airs soon, butterfiles yet?

Yes, definitely. Like I said, it’s a great feeling, and it’s a new project, so I’m quite excited that everyone will finally get to see what we are creating and also the audience’s reaction to it:)

  1. How did you land up getting this project?

It was a long process, from first auditioning to giving a lot of mock shoots, and then I got to know that our producer really liked my audition and mock, so that’s how I landed up the role.

Blessed and Grateful!

  1. What’s your equation with Abhishek and Sayli, and whom are you more close to?

We recently started shooting in Jaipur, and it was fun. Both of them are really nice and helpful. We do have fun while shooting, so yes, we are bonding and getting to know each other more day by day:)

The girl bond with Sayli is amazing, and Abhishek is a lovely to be around as well. It’s a great trio.