Actor Aparna Dixit (Pyar Ki Lukka Chippi lead on Dangal channel) says that the web has provided a lot of opportunities for actors and, thus, no one should be insecure of the medium. The actor says that this perception is incorrect that the web will eat into TV audience as both have very different viewership.

“I am not at all insecure because I am very sure of the loyalty of the TV audience. I feel that TV audience is still a huge number and both the platforms are very different. It’s like how people used to compare TV and films and now one more thing has been added. Actors who used to sit at home, with no work, have got more opportunities. Also, it provides every one of a new way to display their talent. I think it’s a great thing. There is some content which we can’t show on TV, so now that can be shown on the web. If your story is good, you get the audience, irrespective of the platform,” she says.

The actor says that there must be different content on TV as well, to keep the viewers engaged. “I feel that content is supposed to be very different from each other as the audience loves watching different genres. We have to give them different kinds of stories. Also because, actors also like to explore different genres,” she says.

Meanwhile, during this period of lockdown, Arpana is missing shooting for her show Pyar Ki Lukka Chuppi.

“I miss shooting so much and I miss Rahul and Sheetal so much they are such amazing co-actors and I used to have blast on the set. I am missing making Instagram stories on the set. I am the one who makes many Instagram stories on the set, so I think my audience is also missing that. In the evening, I used to have fruit sessions with Rahul and we would make fruit platters. I am also missing all the gossip sessions. Most importantly, I am missing delivering new episodes to the audience. I am getting so many messages from our fans asking when the next episode would come,” she says.