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The episode begins with Rajmata tells Malini that their intention was not betraying her. Seeing Rajeshwari, Malini hugs her and says she is not angry with her after listening to Rani’s explanation and says Rajeshwari did everything for her family and she really doesn’t have a problem with Veer’s marriage instead she is happy that Rajeshwari got Rani as her daughter in law and praises Rani.

Vikram says Malini is right about Rani. Rajeshwari tries to say something but Malini interrupts her saying she doesn’t need any explanation but just want to do ‘Muh dikhayi’ of Rani. She asks pooja plate and performs Rani’s ‘Muh dikhayi’. Rani thinks truth came out but she has to stop the engagement no matter what and takes Malini’s blessings. Rajeshwari praises Jay and gives her family dagger to him. Jay accepts it happily and takes her blessings. He thinks now he can give the money to the Goons.

Rani thinks she has to notice his actions otherwise he may sell that dagger. Veer feels bad recalling Rajeshwari’s harsh words seeing her picture. Rani notices that he is crying and says she lost her mother when she was young, she tried a lot to remember her face but failed everytime but she remembers the moments she shared with her mother and cries thinking about those memories so she can understand his pain and she also knows the importance Rajeshwari have in his life and wants to see her happy always. She says he is hurting himself by hurting Rajeshwari with his actions.

He says he is not in pain and she misunderstood him and asks her to not say anything about him like this without knowing the matter. She says she has to stop Nanthini’s engagement. He says she need not to worry because he won’t let this marriage happen. She says he is not alone so she will support him. He says it’s his family so he will do everything alone and asks her to stay away from this issue. Kiara was packing her clothes to leave the house and Vikram taunts her and says he already told that she can’t separate Veer and Rani.

Rajeshwari who came there says nowadays Vikram interfering in family matters a lot and asks him to go to his room saying she wants to talk to Kiara alone. She tells Kiara to ignore him and says she should feel happy that she need not to act anymore. Kiara returns the necklace Malini gave to her saying she is glad to act her daughter in law. Rajeshwari says she won’t forget what Kiara did for this family. Kiara says she will leave after meeting Veer once and thinks now she is leaving but will return for sure.

Rani follows Jay and sees him talking to Goons in the parking area. While escaping from Jay, Rani was about to fall on broken glasses but Veer holds her on time. She thanks him for saving her. He says she always ends up in trouble. She says he got bruises again because of her. He realizes what she said and remembers that she is the one who saved Dikvijay’s life that day. He asks her to tell the truth. She says it does not matter who saved Dikvijay and he is fine that’s enough.

Episode ends.