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Episode begins with Rani notices that Veer leaving and thinks that she should reach the home before him. She tells Suraj that she is getting late so she will leave first. He tells her that he will drop her. But she refuses his offer saying that he have to drop Vijaya and leaves from there. She gets into an auto. Veer sees her and recalls that how she always refused his offer of dropping her in the college. He calls Rani and asks her that where is she now. She replies him that she is on her way to home and will reach home in few minutes. He wonders that why she is lying to him and what she want to hide from him. He is determine to find out the truth.

On the other hand, Mausaji tells Rajavat’s that he need to leave now. He asks Kajri to not get sad and they will meet Rajavat’s once they gets their palace. Rajmata asks him to wait until Rani returns. He tells her that he really should leave now. Rajmata murmurs to her family that atleast they should try to stop him . She asks him to stay for few more days. Vikram tells him that he will miss him so much. Mausaji misunderstands that Rajeshwari crying and decides to not leave which shocks Rajavat’s.

Meanwhile Nanthini asks Jai that why he stopped her when he don’t love her. He tells her that Rani and Veer troubled him a lot so he wants to get revenge on her and leaves from there. She talks to herself saying that she will win him again because he used to love her earlier.

Veer reaches home and asks Rani that what is she hiding from him. She tells him that she is not lying about anything. He tells her that her eyes saying everything and he want to know that, what’s bothering her. She tells him that she won’t lie anymore and informs him everything. She says to him that she don’t have any other choice to get their properties and pleads him to not stop her. Suraj comes there and tells Rani that he followed her. He asks her to not waste her time on Veer and holds her hand to take her from there.

Veer beats him for holding Rani’s hand. Rani tries to stop their fight. Suraj finds knife there and stabs Veer and everything turns out to be Rani’s dream. Rani decides to not tell the truth to Veer. She tells him that she was meeting her friend for help to get their properties that’s it. He asks her to not think that he don’t trust her and hugs her. Meanwhile Suraj returns home. Vijaya tells him that she also likes Rani. They talks about Rani and praises her.

Next day, Nanthini recalls Jai and Champa’s taunts. Jai drinks in his room. She shocks seeing Champa in her saree. She asks her that how dare the latter to touch her saree and jewels. Champa ignores her and asks Jai that how is she looking. Nanthini yells at Champa. She asks Jai to throw Champa out of the house. Jai glares her. Meanwhile Shanti meets Rani and thanks her saying that Vijaya hired the servants again. Rani tells her that original owner also will return to palace soon. Shanti gives pendrive to her. Rani thanks her for the help.

Episode ends.