Family’s efforts to lift up Rani’s mood: Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler
Family’s efforts to lift up Rani’s mood: Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler

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Episode begins with Veer gets worried saying he doesn’t have much time and at the same time he is not able to do anything. He blames himself saying he is neither a good husband nor a good son. Birju informs Veer that Ramadheer calling him to ask about Rani. Veer says to him that he promised to Ramadheer and he failed to fulfill that promise. Birju picks the call and says to Ramadheer that he will talk to him later and disconnects the call. Vikram asks Veer to not blame himself because it was not his mistake and treats his wounded hand.

Veer recalls how Kidnapper hurted Rani and snatches his hand from Vikram’s grip saying he has to feel this pain because he deserves that. Rajmata asks him to not talk like that and pleads him to let Vikram bandage his hand. He says to her that she didn’t saw Rani and in front of Rani’s pain, his pain is nothing. Vikram says to him that he is glad that wound doesn’t seem deep still treatment is necessary. Jay comes there and tries to talk to Rajmata. But Veer interferes and tells Jay to leave the house. Jay says to him that he got to know about Rani’s kidnap that’s why he came. Vikram asks him that how Jay knows about Rani’s kidnap.

Jay says to him that Nanthini only informed him because she is still his friend. Vikram says to him that it’s their private matter so they will handle it and asks him to leave the house. Dikvijay scolds Vikram for behaving like this with the guest. Veer thinks he can’t wait anymore and he has to rescue Rani from Kidnapper no matter what and decides to talk to Vijay about Rani’s kidnap. On the other hand, Jay says to Nanthini that she doesn’t want to embarrass him in front of her family that’s why she came out to give 5 lakhs to him.

But Nanthini slaps him for hurting Veer and says to him that instead of apologizing to her, he is asking money from her. He asks her that how can she suspect him and lies to her saying his guys hurted Veer. She says to him that she is not understanding anything and asks him to release Rani saying they will find another way to help Rajeshwari, but he refused. She gives 5 lakhs to him and says she got this money from Kiara and tells him to return this money soon.

Veer receives one parcel and shocks seeing Rani’s bangles in that. Jay calls Veer and reminds him about the deal. Champa takes the money bag from Jay. Jay thinks he will teach lesson to Champa later, because now he has to handle Rani. Birju says to Veer that now only Rajeshwari can help them. Later, Veer meets Rajeshwari but he could not able to inform her about Rani’s kidnap but just informs her that he lost something. Veer says to Birju that Rajeshwari doesn’t know anything. But Birju refuse to believe him. Vikram says to them that they just have 10 hours left. Birju takes Vijay’s gun and says to them that now this is the only way to save Rani.

Episode ends.