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The episode begins with Veer asks did Rani saved Dikvijay’s life that day. She says it’s no matter who saved Dikvijay and he is fine that’s enough then leaves from there. Veer tells Kiara that he wants to talk to her. She says she was also waiting for him only because she wanted to meet him before leaving the house.

He says he wants to know who saved Dikvijay’s life. She lies saying she only saved him. He yells at her and asks her to tell the truth. She says Rani saved Dikvijay’s life. He recalls how Rani told him that she followed his instructions and saved Dikvijay’s life but he scolded her for taking Kiara’s credit. She says don’t know how Padmini misunderstood everything that day and she didn’t got chance to tell the truth.

He says she should have cleared the misunderstanding by telling the truth. She asks him to give chance to explain. He says he doesn’t want to listen anymore lies. She says Padmini only told her to stay silent and she listened her because she didn’t wanted to lose him as a friend. He thanks her for acting till now but she lost her friend today and tells her to leave the house saying she should not expect anything else from him.

Rajmata tells Rani that she is happy that truth came out today so she is feeling relieved and makes her wear the new bangles saying she knows that old ones broken and says now she need not to remove them. Rani gets emotional hearing her and takes her blessings. Rajmata hugs her and says only she has rights on these bangles.

She says Rajmata is just like Ramadheer because she is also treating her the same way her father treats her and says she can scold her too if she does anything wrong in future. Rajmata says Rani is daughter in law of this house and no one can change this truth and soon everyone will accept her and tells her to smile without worrying about anything then leaves from there. Kiara overhears their conversation.

Rani thanks Kiara for helping the family. Kiara taunts her and says nothing will change in this house until Rajeshwari accepts her. Jay tells Pinku that he warned him to not tell about him to anyone still he told everything to Rani and was mistreating him in the name of playing with him. Veer comes there saying he came to give books to Pinku and asks Jay to play with him.

Jay tries to escape from there but Veer stops him saying he can’t go anywhere without playing and slaps him. Pinku hugs Rani seeing her. Jay runs from there. Rani thanks Veer for helping Pinku. Veer apologize to her for not trusting her. She says he need not to feel so bad for this. He asks why she stayed silent.

She says it’s really not matter that she didn’t got any credit for saving Dikvijay’s life. He says she is really different from others and says she is innocent too. She says they should work together to throw Jay out of the house and he too agrees.


Episode ends.