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The episode begins with Veer apologize to Rani. Rani says she didn’t felt bad but Veer was wrong so she has condition to forgive him and that is he has to let her help him to throw Jay out of the house. He agrees with her and asks what’s her plan. She says she will explain everything tomorrow and asks him to trust her plan because he won’t be disappointed and tells him to sleep saying it’s already late night. She realizes that Pinku is missing and they search for him everywhere then finds him in the kitchen.

Rani asks him that what is he doing here. Pinku says he is afraid to stay alone in servant quarters because everyone goes for work. She tries to convince him but he is adamant to not go there. Veer says Pinku can stay in his room today and wipes his tears and says when he was kid he also used to feel afraid to stay alone and everyone made fun of him so he got rid of that afraid and was about to take him to his room.

Rani says she will take Pinku with her. He says Pinku can sleep in his room today. She says he is trying to separate her brother from her and threatens Pinku then asks him to take decision. Pinku goes behind Veer. She was about to beat him but Veer stops her. Vikram says he will stop their fight. Rajmata stops him saying it’s beginning of their relationship. He smiles and says he underestimated Rajmata.

¬†Next day , Rani tells the servants to do all work properly because it’s Nanthini and Jay’s engagement. Jay notices that and wonders why she is doing all this for him. Rani mocks him and says he will get his engagement dress soon. He asks why she is doing all the preparations and says she would have realised that she can’t do anything then shows engagement ring to her saying she can’t do anything and laughs.

She too laughs suddenly and says she accepted him because now she knows the real him and soon everyone will know the real him so he need not to worry about anything because she prepared everything and sends him from there. Nanthini shows her engagement dress to Kiara through video call and asks when she will reach.

Kiara asks her about Veer’s mood. Nanthini gets confused hearing her and asks what happened. Vikram says Veer is damn angry that he even shout at him today and asks Kiara that what happened. Kiara disconnects the call saying she will think about it. Vikram, Nanthini argues over Rani.

Champa tells Rani that she knows what Rani thinking to do and warns her to not do anything. She says if Jay’s truth came out then he will lose nothing but she will lose the job. Rani says it’s not just about Champa so she can’t stay silent and Jay’s engagement won’t happen today no matter what.

Veer convinces Nanthini saying he just wants to see her happy. She says she wants to enjoy this special day with her family. Rajeshwari tells Rani that decorations are really good and her hardwork is really visible. Veer hopes Rani’s plan will work. Rani welcomes few guys. Rajeshwari asks who are they. Rani says they are Jay’s friends. Jay shocks seeing those guys. Rani thinks now Jay’s truth will come out.


Episode ends.