Family’s efforts to lift up Rani’s mood: Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler
Family’s efforts to lift up Rani’s mood: Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler

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Episode begins with Rajeshwari asks Veer that what’s happening. Dikvijay says to Veer that one side they doesn’t know about Rani’s whereabouts and also they has to hide Rajeshwari from others. Rajeshwari says to Veer that Vijay handled today but she is also Rajeshwari and how long she can hide in her own house and asks him that what if Police found her. He says to her that he is not understanding that who is desperate for Rajeshwari’s release more than her family. She says to him that seems like Kidnapper’s motive is different. Nanthini recalls how Jay threatened to reveal her name to Police and thinks her family in stress because of Jay and wonders when it will end and feels bad.

Dikvijay says to Rajeshwari that Kidnapper’s actions forced Veer to took this decision otherwise he won’t do something like this. She says to him that she is not angry on Veer. She asks if Rani escaped from there then why she didn’t reach the house yet. Veer says Rani didn’t even call them. Vikram says to him that he was also thinking about this only till now and asks what if Kidnapper lied to them about Rani’s escape. Rajmata says that means Rani’s life in danger still and cries saying why God punishing them like this. Kumud consoles her saying nothing will happen to Rani.

Rani learns that tomorrow is Gangaur festival and recalls how Rajmata explained her about Gangaur festival. She thinks she has to escape from there no matter what and wonders who would have kidnapped her and why Kidnapper lied to Veer that she escaped from there. Jay thinks he become hero in front of Nanthini but now he has to take revenge from Rani for the insults he faced till now. He calls how Veer, Rajeshwari and Rani slapped him and thinks no one can save Rani from him today. Rani asks for water. Jay splashes water on her face and says to her that it’s just a beginning because she has to tolerate more pain.

Veer recalls how he met Rani and how he married her and cries seeing her picture. He promises to her picture saying he will rescue her. Kiara comes there and gives water to him. He refuse to drink it. She says to him that if he won’t eat or drink anything then how can he search Rani. He drops the glass by mistake. She goes to call Champa to clean the floor. She notices her money bag in Champa’s room and recalls how Nanthini asked 5 lakhs to her. She informs Nanthini that she saw her money bag in Champa’s room and asks her to tell the truth. Nanthini shocks hearing her and says to her that there is some misunderstanding and leaves from there saying she will explain her later. Jay removes his mask. Kidnappers asks Rani to catch them and laughs at her struggle. Rani thinks she has to return to her house.

Episode ends.