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Episode begins with Kajri takes Rani’s mobile before Veer takes it. She teasingly tells Rani that for ‘laddu’ the latter dropped the mobile. Veer smiles and leaves from there. Kajri gives the mobile to Rani and takes her aside. She asks her to tell everything. She reveals that she saw how the latter escaped the house many times and she also saw the picture and she knows that, that guy is Vijaya’s son. Rani tells her that she want to get their properties from Vijaya. She informs her everything and asks her to not tell anyone about it.

She tells her that she is in final stage and she need to finish this to win against Vijaya. Kajri praises Rani’s plan and her skills. She asks her that why the latter hided about this from Veer. Rani says to her that Veer cares about her so much so he won’t let her do all this. Kajri tells her that the latter will win and she will help her for that. She says to her that they should find someone to act like plot owner.

On the other hand, Vijaya imagines of Rajeshwari becoming her servant after buying that plot. She comes to the reality and talks to herself saying that her dream will become true and for that she should buy Rajeshwari’s favorite plot. She calls Rani and tells her that she want to meet that plot owner tomorrow and disconnects the call. Rani asks Kajri that how can they arrange everything in single day. Then she prays to Lord Ganesh to help her.

Kajri gives prasad to everyone. Rani takes her aside and asks her to act like plot owner. Kajri refuses saying that she can’t do that. Rani starts her emotional drama. She tells her that she make mistake by expecting help from the latter. Kajri asks her to not say like that and agrees to help her. Rani thanks her and tells her that no one can act better than the latter. Then she thanks Lord Ganesh. Veer comes there and asks her that what she asked from Lord Ganesh. She tells him that she can’t tell that to him and asks him that what he asked from Lord Ganesh. He tells her that he has everything because she is with him so he didn’t ask for anything. She tells him that she asked for their family.

Later, Rani wakes Kajri and takes her to their neighbor Vandhana’s house. Rani teaches Kajri to act but the latter messes up. Vandhana tells Rani that Kajri can’t act but she can act. Rani ignores her and starts teaching Kajri again. Vandhana praises Rani’s act. Rani asks her to get some rest.

Next day, Rani prays to God to stay by their side. Veer and Vikram discuss about ‘maun vrat’. Rani overhears their conversation and gets an idea. She praises Veer and leaves from there. He wonders that what happened to her suddenly. Later, Rani calls Vijaya and informs her about meeting. Vijaya asks her to bring the plot owner to palace.

Episode ends.