Family’s efforts to lift up Rani’s mood: Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler
Family’s efforts to lift up Rani’s mood: Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler

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Episode begins with Dadi says to Rani that the latter is the one who used to praise about Veer then what happened now. Rani tells her that she was wrong about him. Dadi advices her to talk to Veer saying that, that’s the only way to resolve the problem. Rani tells her that she can’t talk to him because she is broken already and he don’t care about her now and he did so many wrong things because of his misunderstanding.

On the other hand, Veer says to Ramadheer that he is angry because Rani lied to him. Ramadheer tells him that he knows him very well but the latter failed to know Rani and he advices him to talk to Rani. Rani says to Dadi that she is in pain because Veer suspected her. She tells her that Ramadheer did her upbringing so she thought everyone will be like him but she was wrong.

Veer asks Ramadheer that what wrong he did by questioning Rani and he just wanted to clear his doubt in fact, he wanted to believe her but she hurted him. He tells him that Rani broke him and her answer destroyed everything and he become alone. Rani tells Dadi that she was happily living with Veer but his one question shattered her and their relationship broke because of him and she become alone. She tells her that he promised to support her always but ended up questioning her character and she can’t forget that so she don’t want to be in this relationship anymore.

Veer tells Ramadheer that if Rani wanted to break their relationship then she should have informed him but she cheated everyone and she used him. Ramadheer stops him. Jai gives money to someone and asks him to inform his owner that Rani should not get that land. That guy nods at him and leaves from there. Birju overhears their conversation and follows Jai.

Ramadheer says to Veer that he won’t hear a word against Rani and she is capable enough to fulfill her dream so she don’t need Rajavat’s surname. He tells him that he trusted him that the latter will support Rani always but he questioned her character without knowing the full matter.

Jai meets Rajeshwari. Birju mocks them. Rajeshwari asks him to not forget about her status. Birju reveals that he heard everything and throws stone at Rajeshwari and he tells her that it’s his warning. Jai attacks Birju from behind and the latter faints.

Ramadheer asks Veer to leave and tells him that he is saying this as Rani’s father and moreover this is what Rajeshwari also wants. He reveals to him that Rajeshwari is in Ballia and waiting for him and Vikram in the lodge and leaves from there. Veer recalls Ramadheer’s words. He says to Kiara that they need to leave. Kiara smiles hearing him. Rani learns that she need to do her project. She tells Dadi that from now on she is just Rani not Veer’s wife.

Episode ends.