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Episode begins with Vijaya refuses to meet the land owner in other place. Rani tells her that she can’t do anything in this and informs her that Rajeshwari went to the land owner’s place to meet the land owner and disconnects the call. Kajri asks Rani that why the latter said like this to Vijaya and now the deal got cancelled. Rani tells her that she is sure that Vijaya will call her again. Kajri tells her that Vijaya won’t call her. Vijaya calls Rani and tells her that she will meet the land owner in 30 minutes and disconnects the call. Rani helps Kajri to get ready. She tells her that from now on the latter’s ‘maun vrat’ begins so they don’t gets caught by Vijaya. They reaches the office.

Disguised Mausaji comes there. Kajri gets shocks seeing him there. Rani tells her that Mausaji overheard their conversation so he is here to help them. She informs her that it’s Mausaji who arranged this office. Mausaji tells them that this office Manager born in their village that’s why it was easy to arrange this office. Vijaya calls Rani and tells her that she reached the office. Rani asks Kajri and Mausaji to take their seats. Vijaya enters the room. Rani introduces Kajri as Saloni and her Mausaji as her Chachaji to Vijaya.

Vijaya asks Kajri that why the latter want to sell this land. Mausaji tries to answer her but she stops him saying that he should not interfere and he will get his commission. He tells her that today Kajri can’t speak and informs her about Kajri’s ‘maun vrat’. She tells them that how can they discuss about deal if Kajri won’t speak today then. She tells them that they can discuss about the deal in next meeting. He tells her that Kajri will leave for vacation later so they need to discuss about the deal today itself. She asks Kajri that who will answer for her questions. He tells her that he knows everything about the land.

On the other hand, Veer finds Suraj’s love letter in Rani’s bag and wonders that who would have wrote this to Rani. Meanwhile Vijaya and Mausaji decides to finalize the deal. Vijaya asks Kajri that where the latter brought her saree. Kajri signals something. Rani explains that to Vijaya. Vijaya leaves from there. Rani thinks that tomorrow they will succeed in their plan.

Shanti tells Rani to bring Vijaya to the registry office and her son Vijay’s friend Kamalesh will handle everything. Rani thanks her. Suraj waits for Rani’s call and wonders that she read his letter or not. Meanwhile Rani and her team meets Kamalesh. Kamalesh agrees to help them for Vijay’s sake. He calls Sagar and tells Rani that Sagar will help her.

Rani explains the plan to her team. Mausaji tells them that Vijaya will bring her Lawyer with her and they will check the land papers for sure. Kamalesh tells them that he can arrange land papers. Mausaji praises Rani’s plan. Jeweller meets Veer coincidentally and tells him that the latter’s necklace is ready which he ordered 3 months back. He takes him to the jewellery shop and shows the necklace to him. Veer tells him that he will pay in installment. Suraj tells Jeweller that Veer can’t afford that necklace and he buys it for someone special. Vijaya calls Rani and asks her to reach the palace.

Episode ends.