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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer goes with Rajeshwari leaving Rani

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Episode begins with Rani finds one receipt and realises that someone made just one earring on accident day. She says she just has to find the person who made new earring and calls Birju and tells him to come to her house as soon as possible. Birju asks what happened. Veer sees them and thinks seems like Rani taking Birju’s help to reach the culprit. Rani tells Birju that she found something which can lead them to the culprit. He asks what she found. She informs him about the receipt. He asks her to show the receipt to him. She shows it to him and says culprit is very clever because that person made new earring in some small shop so no one finds about it. He asks her to give the receipt to him.

Veer wonders what Rani giving to Birju and decides to stop her. Rani was about to give the receipt to Birju but Veer interrupts them. Seeing Veer, Rani hides the receipt. Veer asks what are they doing outside and tells Birju to come inside. Rani says Birju just came to meet her. Veer says he knows that Birju is Rani’s friend and he is not Birju’s enemy and takes him inside. Rani thinks Veer deliberately doing this to stop her because she very well knows that he is not fond of Birju to treat him like this. Veer thinks he has to do this to stop Rani.

Rani says she will make food for Birju and asks him to come to the kitchen. Veer says Rani forgetting that she doesn’t know to cook. Birju says Rani knows cooking little bit. Veer says he is also hungry so he will join them. Rani says she will cook alone and goes to kitchen. Veer thinks Birju is with him so Rani can’t give that thing to him. Rani starts making food and decides to give the receipt to Birju no matter what. She puts the receipt in Birju’s food plate. Jay sees Rani and wonders why she is cooking suddenly. Rani brings two plate and Veer takes those plates and gives one plate to Birju.

Rani notices Veer have receipt plate and signals about receipt to Birju. She screams in pain and Veer gets worried and moves towards her. Birju exchange the plates using that chance and leaves from there. Jay decides to follow Birju to know the secret.Veer praises Rani’s food. She takes the plate from him saying he can’t eat that because it’s burnt fully. Birju goes to the jewellery shop and gives the receipt to the owner and shows the Rajavat family picture and asks who came to his shop. That owner points at someone from that picture. Birju shocks seeing that.

Rani gets worried thinking how she is going to handle herself because soon she will learn about the culprit. Veer thinks she is worried because she didn’t get any evidence. Birju calls Rani and tells her everything. Rani shatters hearing him and drops the mobile. Veer asks what happened to her. Rani says Vikram was not in the condition to drive the car that day so he called someone from house and that person is real culprit. Veer says Vikram called him only. She shows the earring to him saying real culprit dropped this in accident area.

Episode ends.