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The episode begins with Rajeshwari tells Padmini that she send her here to throw Rani out of the house but that didn’t happen instead Rani impressed Padmini too. Padmini says she tortured Rani a lot and even lied to everyone that Kiara saved Dikvijay’s life but the truth it was Rani who saved Dikvijay’s life. She says Rani took a stand for her in pooja today even though she insulted her always and says if Rani wanted she could have laughed at her today but she is not that kind of girl and she is pure and tells Rajeshwari to give chance to Rani.

She says she doesn’t want to repeat her mistake that’s why she decided to tell the truth to Veer and was about to go from there but Rajeshwari stops her and asks her to choose between Rani and Rajeshwari. She says if Padmini tells anything to Veer then she will cut all ties with her. She says Rani is the servant’s daughter who used to work here for years but now Padmini expects her to accept Rani as her daughter-in-law.

Padmini tries to defend Rani but Rajeshwari doesn’t let her speak anything. Padmini says times teaches everything and Rajeshwari can’t get a better daughter-in-law than Rani and soon she will understand this. Veer tells Rajeshwari that she did wrong by introducing Kiara as his wife to Jay’s parents. She says she doesn’t care what he thinks about her decision and asks he is feel bad for Rani or Kiara. She says he is forgetting that he did force marriage with Rani. He says it’s such a big lie. She says she never interferes in his hospital matters so he should also not interfere in her decision which she takes for this family.

He says Rani is his wife and that’s the truth of his and Rani’s life. She says she won’t accept that truth and says she is just thinking about Kiara because she dragged her in this mess without her mistake but he only cares about him and Rani’s truth. He tells her to think what will happen when Jay’s parents will get to know the truth and says it will affect Nanthini only. She tells him to not say anything to Jay’s parents. He requests her to tell the truth.

She says she will never accept Rani. He says he is not telling her to accept Rani but she should not lie like this. She says she will leave this house permanently if Veer said the truth to Jay’s parents then and tells him to give the saree to Kiara. Rani overhears their conversation. She tells him to do what Rajeshwari wants him to do. She takes the saree from him saying she will give this to Kiara. Vikram tells Kiara to say the truth to Jay’s parents.

Rani tells him to leave Kiara and gives the saree to her. Kiara says she can’t accept this saree because it’s not easy for her too. But Rani convinces her. Vikram says Rani doing wrong by believing Kiara. Kiara comes out wearing that saree. Malini and Rajeshwari praises Kiara. Padmini thinks to talk to Veer. Jay taunts Rani. She tells him to think about him because his marriage won’t happen with Nanthini.