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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer goes with Rajeshwari leaving Rani

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Episode begins with Rajmata calls Kiara and says to her that she needs her help. She says to her that when Jai’s parents came Kiara helped them a lot now again this family needs her help. Kiara says to her that this is her family too and she is ready to help her. Rajeshwari scolds Nanthini. Nanthini says to her that she made huge mistake. Rajeshwari says to her that Nanthini didn’t thought about their family. Nanthini says to her that she tried to stop Jai and she was not involved in Jai’s plans.

Rajeshwari asks her that why Nanthini stayed silent when she got to know the truth because if she revealed everything earlier then it would have been better but now Rani’s life in danger and Veer is ready to risk his life for Rani and it all happened because of Nanthini’s blunder. She says to her that Nanthini once stoled money for Jai but this time she can’t forgive her. Nanthini tries to justify herself and Rajeshwari asks her to not repeat the mistake.

Veer waits for Kidnapper’s message saying that he want to reach Rani as soon as possible. Jai says to him that he also wants Rani to return and Rajavat family is his family so he did all for Rajeshwari and Nanthini and Rani was safe when she was in his custody. Birju says to him that everything started because of Jai. Jai asks them to not waste time on him because he is innocent now. Veer recalls how Jai hurted Rani and unties him and beats him mercilessly saying that Rani is in danger because of Jai. Birju stops Veer saying that Jai need to stay alive until they reach Rani.

Kiara says to Rajmata that it’s so risky. Rajmata says to her that she doesn’t have any other choice. Rajeshwari calls Veer and informs him that she decided to surrender herself to Police. She asks him to save Rani because if anything happens to her then she can’t forgive herself. He promises to her saying that he will bring Rani to their house and this family needs Rajeshwari too so he will bring her out of the jail lawfully.

Rajmata and Kiara reaches the university. Rajmata introduces Kiara as Rani to the Principal. Kiara thinks she is doing all this for Veer only. Principal asks Staff to bring the form. Staff identifies Kiara and informs about it to Principal. Principal decides to cancel Rani’s admission. Rajmata pleads her to not do like that. Principal agrees to wait for Rani.

Rani learns that Jai kidnapped her first now his enemy’s kidnapped her. Veer receives the location from the Kidnapper. Nanthini apologize to Dikvijay. Veer reaches the location with Jai and gives the money to the Kidnapper. Kidnapper asks him to give more money. Veer loses his control and attacks the Kidnapper. Boss escapes from there seeing Police. Veer scolds Vijay and Vikram.

Episode ends.