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Episode begins with Rani says she give break to her studies for her father and she will fulfill her dream soon by continuing her studies. Veer says she will become good engineer for sure and tells her to be like this always.

 Rani spills alcohol on Jay deliberately and he takes her aside. He says he is noticing that she is keep noticing him and teases her saying she is naughty girl and he is sure that she spilled it on his clothes deliberately. She agrees with him and shows that slip to him saying she got this from his clothes.

He tells her to go with him. She denies to go with him. He says he will explain her everything if she goes with him then. She follows him. Veer notices them leaving the party. Jay locks the room once Rani enters it. She asks why he closed the door. He says he can’t let anyone know what he is going to tell her. He yells at her and warns her to stay in her limits.

She says she saw him in prison and also in the hospital too and says she has all the proof against him and will put him in prison. He pushes her on sofa and tries to molest her. That time Veer comes there breaking through door. Jay shocks him seeing Veer there. Veer asks how dare he to insult Rani and misbehave with her. He drags him out and hits him in front of everyone. Dikvijay stops him. Jay asks how can he insult him like this for servant.

Veer says her job is not her identity she is also human being and he can’t treat her like that. He says Jay belongs to Royal Family that’s not mean he can do anything. Jay says Veer will regret for hitting him. Rajeshwari stops Veer and asks how can he beat Jay when he is going to become their son in law. Veer pleads her to move from there and says today he won’t listen her. Rajeshwari tells him to understand that Jay going to marry Nanthini.


Veer says Jay is characterless person and he doesn’t deserve to marry Nanthini. Vikram tells him to stay calm. Jay stares Rani. Veer says he is letting him go from here alive but that’s not mean he can come again to take revenge on Rani. Dikvijay supports Veer and tells Jay to get out. Veer tries to explain Dikvijay but he stops him and says he is proud of his son.

Dikvijay tells Rajeshwari that Jay doesn’t deserve to marry their daughter and apologize to the guests for the inconvenience saying it’s their personal matter and they will handle it. Guests leaves from there. Rani was crying Rajeshwari looks at her and Veer and leaves from there without saying anything. Everyone leaves from there except Rani.


Rani enters Veer’s room and gives note to him saying she wrote everything which she wanted to tell him. He struggles to read. She says she can speak English but her handwriting is like Doctor. He smiles at her. She talks in English and tells him about everything from her dream to how she end up servant here. He listens her carefully.

She says he gave hope to her and gave confidence to her to fight for her father and he even saved her from Jay so he is not bad person but he is good person like her father. He says he accepted her thanks and gives his handkerchief to her. She wipes her tears and returns handkerchief to him.



Episode ends.


Precap – Rani hears Jay’s plan.