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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer goes with Rajeshwari leaving Rani

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Episode begins with Veer gets worried for Rani. Vikram consoles him saying that nothing will happen to Rani. Veer says to him that he lost Rani once again. Birju brings one of the Goon from the Kidnappers gang. Veer asks to Goon to reveal Rani’s location if he want to stay alive then. Goon says to them that they can’t beat him. Birju threatens him by talking about encounter.

Veer beats him and Goon reveals that they left for Goa and pleads him leave him saying he told the truth. Veer finds one visiting card which dropped from Goon’s pocket and learns that Kidnapper took Rani to “Riva beach resort” . Birju says to Veer that he will stay with Goon and asks him to return with Rani. He prays to God to reunite Veer and Rani.

Jai asks Vikram that why they are taking him to Goa. Vikram says to Veer that he talked to Vijay and Vijay will contact Goa’s area inspector. Kiara learns that Rani is in Goa and says to Vikram that she will also accompany him. Veer says to her that Rani’s life in danger already and he can’t put Kiara’s life also in danger. Kiara says to them that she is not Nanthini to accept their order. Veer gives permission. And they reaches Goa and Veer books rooms in “Riva beach resort”. He wonders why Kidnapper didn’t call him yet.

Veer sees two people and notices their bracelets and recalls how he saw same bracelet in Kidnapper’s hand too and he informs about it Vikram and they follows those two people. Veer notices that they are entering one room and says to Vikram that Rani must be there and he need to check inside. Veer knocks the door and beats the guy who opened the door. Another guy plays Rani’s video. Veer says to him that he ready to give money and asks him to release Rani.

Kidnapper says to him that Veer hurted his ego by involving Police so if Veer wants his wife then he has to win against him in cards game. Jai says to Veer that he knows to play card game and he will support him. Kiara says to Jai that everything started because of him. He says to Veer that he want to save himself and he knows that Veer will kill him if anything happens to Rani then. Vikram says to Veer that they need to take Jai’s help. Kidnapper asks Veer to listen Vikram’s advice.

Vikram asks Kidnapper to start the game. Kidnapper tells his ally to bring Rani. Veer gets emotional seeing Rani and moves towards her. Rani cries seeing him and he unties her ( Title song plays in the background ). She says to him that she knows that he will come to rescue her. Kidnapper’s ally brings electric shock chair for Rani. Veer loses his control seeing that and Vikram calms him. Kidnapper asks Rani to sit on that electric shock chair and he explains the game to Veer.

Episode ends.