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The episode begins with Rani instructs Servant’s to place the food on dinning table. Veer tells Rajmata that he gave food and medicine to Dikvijay and he ate it now taking rest. Rajmata tells Rani to sit with them to eat. Rani sits beside Veer. He stands from his seat and says he has some work to do so he will eat in his room. She also stands saying if he doesn’t wants to eat with her then she will leave from there so he can eat. He says he has some urgent work that’s it.

Rajmata tells him to sit and eat saying work can wait but everyone has to eat together. He sits without any other choice. Rajmata tells Rani to pass pulav bowl to her so Rani stands from her chair. Kiara who came there sits on Rani’s chair. Vikram tells her that she is sitting on Rani’s chair. She apologize saying she has to habit to sit beside Veer that’s why it happened and stands. Padmini says Kiara is Veer’s friend so she can sit beside him.

She tells Rani to sit beside her. And tells her to eat the pasta which made specially for her. Jay comes there and apologize to them for coming late and says he came to visit Dikvijay and says he is angry on himself for not able to do anything for him even though he was in the house. Padmini tells him that he need not to be guilty. Jay changes chair with Vikram. Rani gets call from Pinku and tells him that she is busy so will talk to him later. Padmini says Pinku is really sweet. Veer asks when she met him. She lies to him saying she saw his picture. Vikram taunts Kiara. Padmini gets angry on him and tells him to not behave like this with Kiara especially after how she saved Dikvijay’s life.

Kiara says she is not angry. Padmini says Kiara is part of her family member and tells her to stay in the house until Dikvijay recovers. She agrees to stay saying she will take care of Dikvijay. Jay apologize to Nanthini again. She forgives him and asks him to give that ring to her. He recalls how Champa snatched that ring from her and says he will give another ring to her. She says she wants that ring only.

Vikram notices Rani didn’t eat anything and serves food to her and tells her to eat without using knife. She says after marriage he didn’t even talk to her like earlier. He says everything happened suddenly that’s why and assures her that he won’t repeat his mistake. Rajmata gives vermillion box to Rani.

Padmini says she also planned to gift something to her. Rani searches the vermilion box Rajmata gave her. She shocks seeing that in Kiara’s hand. Kiara says it was supposed to be hers and taunts her. Rani collides with Padmini and drops the box. Padmini introduces Pinku as new servant of this house which shocks Rani. She tells him to clean the floor and says it’s her gift to Rani.

Episode ends.