Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Rani and Veer flops Kiara’s plan
Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Rani and Veer flops Kiara’s plan

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Episode begins with Rani wakes up and says she will prove Ramadheer’s innocence no matter what. She calls Lawyer and pleads him to take her father’s case and he asks her to meet him. Rajeshwari was threatening Rani but seeing Veer she changes the topic and says she kept Saraswati puja today and says she kept this puja for Rani only and says Rani faced so much and she wants her to become engineer.

She says she invited few guests for puja and asks her to make sweet dish for her. Rani says she has to meet Lawyer today to discuss about Ramadheer’s case. Rajeshwari asks what’s the need of that when she said she will handle everything and tells her to not worry about Ramadheer’s case and asks her to concentrate on puja preparations only.

Veer says Rajeshwari is right and asks Rani to let Rajeshwari handle the case in her way and says nothing bad will happen with Ramadheer so Rani need not to worry about him. He thanks Rajeshwari for everything. Rajeshwari says they are her family so he need not to thank her and tells Rani to get ready for puja saying she will wait for her. She says she forgot the important matter and gives house key to Rani saying it’s her responsibility from now on.

Veer signals Rani to accept it and says Rajeshwari trusts Rani so much and tells her to not disappoint Rajeshwari. He says he has to leave for hospital and will return soon. Rani thinks she can’t trust Rajeshwari in Ramadheer’s case but can’t leave the house too now and wonders what to do.

Vikram and Kiara screams seeing each other and asks how it happened. They blames each other. One guy informs them about their marriage and says they will receive their marriage certificate in one week and leaves from there after congratulating them. Kiara says she never thought that he can stoop this low.

He asks her to not blame him because he never wanted to marry her. She says he is cheater. He says it all happened because of her because she wanted to become daughter in law of Rajavat family. She says she wanted to marry Veer not him so she won’t accept this marriage. He gets worried thinking what will happen if his family got to know about this then.

Dadi helps Rani to make sweet dish. Rajeshwari says Rani should not cook and orders servants to cook. Champa hides the sugar box and spoils everything. Rani asks Rajeshwari that why she is doing this with her. Rajeshwari says Rani went against her and says her family doesn’t love her. Rani asks what will happen when Veer will know her truth.

Rajeshwari says Veer can’t do anything even if he knows the truth and says she is his priority not Rani. She says she will make sure that Veer throws Rani out of the house. She tells her to start the preparations for puja because she doesn’t have much time. Rani says puja will happen and she will meet the Lawyer too.

Episode ends.