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Episode begins with Rajeshwari sends gift for Kiara and tells Kumud to pass it on her house. Veer tells Rajeshwari that she need not to worry, everything is under control. She holds his hand and he gets emotional. Dikvijay and Rajmata gets happy seeing that.

 Dikvijay says this moment need to capture and teases her. Rajeshwari says he is embarrassing her. He asks where Veer went leaving his haldi ceremony. Veer says he had to finish one important work that’s why he went. Dikvijay says nothing is important than his marriage rituals and reminds him that he has to leave for temple also later.


Rani asks Ramadheer that why he lied to her when it’s Veer who is responsible for the accident. Ramadheer shocks hearing her and says it’s not truth and Veer is innocent. She asks why he is keep lying to her and says she knows everything. He tells her to calm down saying anyone may hear her. She says everyone needs to hear and starts to shout there. She tries to unlock the cell and the Constable tries to stop her.

And Vijay stops her saying it’s his Police station and he won’t tolerate these kind of behaviour which is against law. She asks what kind of law he is following because Veer deserves to stay here not her father. He shocks hearing her. She says she saw Veer there not Jay and tells him to arrest Veer. He says he doesn’t have any proof against Veer to arrest him. She says they didn’t had any proof against her father too still they arrested him.

 He says both situations are different. She says not situation but status is what stopping him but she doesn’t believes that discrimination. She promises her father that she won’t let him accept this punishment for someone else’s crime and leaves from there. Ramadheer tells Vijay to stop her and Vijay follows her.


Veer does pooja with his family. Dikvijay says seems like he is hiding something from him. Veer says it’s not like that. Vikram says he is afraid of that unique temple pooja. Rajmata says unmarried girls can’t enter that temple and they follows few rituals there that’s it. Rani comes there and Champa stops her saying pooja happening. She moves towards Veer and says she wants to talk to him.

Dikvijay says servants are not allowed here and tells her to leave from there. She says she won’t go without talking to him. He says he is ready to talk to her and takes her to his room. Ramadheer recalls how he saw Rajeshwari in accident spot and took the blame for her.


Then Rani asks is he responsible for that accident. He accepts that he is responsible for that accident. She tells him to accept his crime to Police so they can release her father. He says her father worked for them 20years and he is just servant so it’s not matter he stays in prison or outside but he can’t end up in prison because it will affect his status and he can’t spoil Rajeshwari’s name also and tells her to leave from there.

She says he deserves to stay in that prison not her father and tries to drag him but he pushes her. He gives cheque to her and says he won’t let her spoil his and his family’s name. She recalls how much she respected him and expresses how much disappointed with his behaviour. She says she failed to see his real face and returns the cheque to him saying it can’t stop her. He says she can do whatever she wants to do, it’s not matter for him and leaves from there. Champa sees her crying and gets call from Jay. She tells him that Rani was talking about Ramadheer and proof but didn’t hear full matter. Rajeshwari scolds Rani for not doing work. Rani says Veer is real culprit not Ramadheer.


Episode ends.


Precap – Rani reaches temple to know the truth.