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The episode begins with Padmini says now Pinku can stay with Rani always but he can’t stay like a freeloader that’s why she appointed him as a maid. She tells him to clean the floor. He was about to clean it but Rani stops him and tells Padmini that her brother won’t do all this , she did because she didn’t had any other choice.

Padmini says Pinku wants to stay with Rani and she wants to give permission to him but he can’t stay without doing anything in his sister’s house that’s why she came with this solution. Rani says his exams coming so he should concentrate on his studies. Padmini says with studies he should know to do household chores also and this job will help him.

Rani says he is still young to do all these works and tells her to not interfere between her and her brother and takes him with her. Rani slaps Pinku and asks why he came back that too as maid when she told him to go to their Aunt’s house. He says he just wants to stay with her and for that he can do anything. He was about to tell her about Jay but she leaves from there without listening him. He shocks seeing Jay there. Jay says he has so much free time and asks him to say whatever he wants to say.

Jay gets a call and using that chance Pinku runs from there. Padmini tells Kiara that her dress is so pretty. Kiara says Veer gifted her this. Veer sees Pinku asks Padmini about him. Padmini lies to him saying Rani hired him to do household chores. Veer shocks hearing her and says he has to study now and asks how can Rani do this. Kiara says she also tried to make Rani understand but she refused to listen her and instead lectured her.

Few goons beats Jay and asks him that when he is going to pay the amount he lost in gambling. Jay says he will pay them soon. Goon says he needs his money today itself. Jay asks him to give some time to arrange money. After warning Jay they leaves from there. Jay thinks he has to arrange money as soon as possible and decides to talk about his and Nanthini’s marriage.

Veer scolds Rani for hiring Pinku as maid. She tries to explain him but he yells at her without listening her. Kiara tells Veer to not talk to Rani like this and suggests him to leave her alone for now. Veer leaves from there. Kiara says she really felt bad for Rani and says Veer should not behave like this with her. Rani says she is not feeling bad and says she can handle herself. Pinku tells Rani that Jay was misbehaving with Champa. Vikram says Kiara can’t stay in this house.

Rajmata says he is right but she is not understanding what Padmini planning to do. Jay talks about his and Nanthini’s marriage. Veer says without Rajeshwari they can’t take this decision so they has to wait for her return. Digvijay atmosphere may change with this engagement. Nanthini says she is not ready for marriage. Rajmata says she needs time to think about this. Rani decides to stop this marriage.

Episode ends.