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Episode begins with Rani says Rajeshwari told to her that her father will get justice but real criminal still roaming outside freely and says Veer is responsible for the accident.

Rajeshwari yells at her for blaming her son and says she did so much for her family yet she has the guts to blame her son and tells her to leave the house. Rani says she already decided to leave this house and she knows that she doesn’t have money like them but she has self-respect and says she is not going to stay silent after leaving the house.

Rajeshwari says they hired Lawyer for Ramadheer’s case and she is behaving like this with her and daily coming with new way to defame her family. Rani says she can’t stay in this house so she is resigning her job and she will make sure to release her father and will put the original culprit inside the prison and leaves from there. Rajeshwari looks at the way she went.


Pinku asks Rani to tell what happened and where they are going now. Rani recalls the confrontation she had with Rajeshwari and Veer. She was about to fall but Ramadheer motives her and realises that it’s Pinku not her father. He asks what happened to her. She was keep hallucinating her father and runs towards him to hug him but falls down on the road. He tells her that her time will come. Pinku asks her to say something instead of staying silent like this.

 Jay calls Rani and tells her to reach the temple if she wants to know the full truth of that accident. She asks who is he. He says he is postman and tells her to reach the temple in two hours. She decides to go to that temple to know the truth and says she will drop him to their aunt house. Jay says Rani snatched his image now he will take his revenge from Rani to everyone and smirks.


Rajeshwari scolds Kumud for not doing her work properly and warns her about Priest saying she knows how strict he is. Veer says everything is okay and tells her to calm down and says Rani’s chapter closed now and tells her to trust him. She thanks him for being a shield of his family. She tells him to return back on time for his marriage. She gives their royal sword to him saying it will protect him from all the danger.

 He was about to leave from there but stops hearing her calling him as her son. She says she is waiting for him. He gets emotional and leaves from there. Rajmata and Dikvijay gets happy hearing her. Rajmata says she should have recorded that. Dikvijay says he is happy for Veer but he is confused also. He says he wanted to know that this change happened with Rajeshwari for Veer’s marriage or something else.


One girl was about to enter the temple but Priest stops her saying unmarried girl can’t enter this temple. Her boyfriend takes stand for her but gets scolded by Priest. Priest says she is lucky if she entered then she would be dead till now. Veer sees everything and meets that Priest. Priest tells him to follow him. Rani calls Jay and says she is near the temple.

 Jay tells her to enter the temple through back door and he is waiting for her there. Rani enters the temple and shocks seeing Jay there. She was about to leave from there saying she doesn’t want to listen anything from him. He says he blackmailed her father because her father saw him with one girl. She says she knows who is real culprit and she came here for proof. He says he is here for his revenge not to help her.


Episode ends.


Precap – Veer applies vermilion on Rani’s forehead.