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The episode begins with Nanthini says she is not ready for marriage. Kiara tries to convince her says they are just talking about engagement now and her marriage has time. Rajmata says she can’t take this big decision just like that so she needs time to think. Jay if this marriage didn’t happen then he has to die in those Goon’s hands.

Rani thinks to talk to Veer about Jay and tells Veer that she wants to talk to him. He says he is angry now so will talk to her later. She thinks she has to do something as soon as possible to expose Jay. Nanthini tells Jay that he did wrong by speaking about their engagement in front of everyone without discussing with her. He says it was supposed to happen so why she is reacting like this now.

She says she needs time. He says she already wasted time also it’s just their engagement so why she is hesitating. She tells him to bring that red ring to her otherwise her answer is no for engagement. Veer reminds Jay about his warning. Jay says he just talked about the engagement.

Veer says a shameless guy like Jay can’t become Nanthini’s husband. He decides to talk to Nanthini and tells her that Jay is not right person for her. She says she is mature enough to take her life decisions. She says he is the one who told her to understand Jay when she started to understand him he is saying Jay is not right for her. She says she really don’t understand why everyone tries to control each other’s life in this family. He says it’s his care for her because he won’t control her never. She says she won’t let anyone take decision for her.

Rani says they can’t let her take wrong decision. Nanthini taunts Rani and tells her to not interfere. Rani tells her to listen Veer and cancel the engagement. Nanthini says no one can say that Rani and Veer’s marriage is forced one seeing their understanding. Veer says Nanthini diverting the topic. She says she doesn’t want to talk about this topic anymore and leaves from there. He asks Rani that why she interfered when he was talking to his sister. She says she just cares about her that’s why. He says she need not to care about Nanthini.

Nanthini was cursing Rani. Kiara tells her to ignore Rani. Nanthini says Veer is against her and Jay’s marriage but she doesn’t know the reason. She says she wants to spend more time with Jay. Kiara praises Jay and says he loves Nanthini so much. Rani tells Veer that Jay misbehaved with Champa and also threatened Pinku. He says they needs to proof against Jay to prove him guilty so he will handle everything and tells her to stay away from this matter.

Padmini tells Rani that she failed as daughter in law of this house. Jay asks Champa to return that ring and hurts her. He removes the ring from her hand and leaves from there. Rani sees them and tells Champa that she saw everything and tells her to not stay silent and shocks seeing blood on her finger. She thinks she has to expose Jay as soon as possible.

Episode ends.