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The episode begins with Rani shocks seeing Jay in the temple and realizes that he is the one who called her and was about to leave from there saying she doesn’t want to listen to anything from him. He says he blackmailed her father because her father saw him with one girl and unfortunately she become pregnant so he took her to the hospital that’s why he gave money to Wardboy that day.

She says she knows who is the real culprit and she came here for proof not to hear his excuses. He says he is here for his revenge not to help her. Priest orders to start the pooja. Jay tries to molest Rani and she tries to protect herself from him. Veer does pooja. Rani says she is already angry on Veer and won’t leave Jay if he crossed his limit then.


Priest tells Veer to go to back door and put the prasad there to complete the pooja. Rani ties to go from that room but he stops her saying he has to trap her here then only his plan will become successful. She pushes her inside the room and notices Veer coming to that side and hides there before he sees him.

Veer notices Rani’s duppata and opens the door and shocks seeing Rani there in that condition and asks what is she doing here. He takes the dupatta and tries to help her to stand but she refuses to take his help and snatches her duppata from him. Jay locks them from outside and thinks now no one can save Rani from this temple people.


Veer asks what is she doing in this temple and asks who is responsible for her condition. He says did she realise what mistake she made by coming here. He recalls Priest’s words and says she made big crime by entering this temple. She taunts him saying he doesn’t have the rights to talk about crime. He says she has to leave from here as soon as possible before anyone sees her here.

Jay talks about the temple’s purity to Priest. Priest yells at him for talking like that about temple. Jay says in that room he saw unmarried girl with guy and shows that room to them. Jay laughs saying now Rani is trapped and she can’t escape. Rajmata tells Vikram to call Veer because he is late.

Vikram says what if Veer is in danger because of those Priests. He pushes the plate by mistake which Kumud was bringing there for pooja. Priest says it’s absagun and seems like something bad going to happen. Veer tries to open the door and realises that it’s locked from outside. He asks who locked the door. She says everything happening because of her. He tells her to stay silent saying if anyone saw her here then she will end up in big problem.


Priest opens the door. Veer says he misunderstood the matter. Priest says she will get punishment if she proved wrong then and asks is she married. She says she is unmarried girl. He says she spoiled the purity of this temple by entering so he should clean it with their blood. Veer says Rani doesn’t know anything about this temple and pleads him to leave her.

Rani says she is new to this city and she didn’t saw any board outside also so let her go from here. They says she will get punishment for this crime not forgiveness. Jay notices everything and smirks thinking his revenge going to fulfill now. Dikvijay calls Veer and asks why he is not attending the call and asks about the pooja.

Priest snatches the mobile from Veer and throws it away. Dikvijay says call disconnected and he heard shouting from behind. Rajeshwari tells Dikvijay to call commissioner saying that place is dangerous already. Everyone catches Veer and Rani and drags them from there.


Episode ends.


Precap – Everyone throws stones at Rani and Veer applies the Vermilion on her forehead